Adventures in Costa Rica


Pura vida! Welcome to Costa Rica, strange house rainforests, volcanoes, beaches, big cities and tiny hamlets. The people here are warm and friendly, and adventurous enough for everyone. Culture is inviting, stunning scenery, and out & # 39; e just. This "green" country. The people, mostly a mixture of Spaniards and Indians, called a poke. Spanish language, although many speak in English. "Pura vida" – it tykanski way of saying "Enjoy life!"

first day

While familiar in many ways, the culture of Costa Rica has a fairly unknown aspects to be intriguing. Coming from the airport to our hotel in San Jose, we saw a cow that was grazing near the overpass, and along the road below the horse.

We spent the first day at the hotel Gran, luxurious accommodation 1930s. It is the only hotel in the country, which is considered historic. During lunch and dinner there was a concert piano. Very chic! Our breakfast was a typical tykanskim: Beans, rice, choryzo and cheese, with a strong coffee. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Especially good was maont Rudolph. We visited the zoo, the National Museum and Butterfly Garden. While almost everyone we met were warm and friendly, hang it on the bag and camera. Theft can be a problem. Mercado under the open sky, or the market has clothes, books, souvenirs, wallets and much more. Excellent purchase! For dinner we chose Nuestra-Tierra. Dinner was tserviche, tasty mix of shrimp and fish. Again we met with the staff warmly. After lunch, walk, lunch at the hotel was Robesp & # 39; er, perfectly tender dish of steak, seasoned with rosemary, thyme and sage.

Cars were allowed to travel only in the spare days, depending on the last digit plates, odd or even. This reduces traffic and air pollution. We do not need a car because we walked everywhere! Stay in a place where there are people, and wandered in the less populated neighborhoods to avoid trouble. City of San Jose is alive, but crowded. Most shops are fully open on the street side. Shopping diverse as in any large city. Across the city are sculptures of cows: cows dancing, chess cows, pink cows. It called the Cow Parade. This is a very capricious!

day 2

We visited a small National Theater Museum to uncover the history of Costa Rica. Early humans were beautiful gold jewelry. We saw the exhibits on native animals and much more. Plaza is perfect for people who have watched and fed pigeons. Everywhere there are benches for fresh produce and a small kiosk that sells magazines, toys, snacks and the like. It makes a very colorful scene of the city! Parks provide green space and quiet oasis. The mountains are always in view. We wandered into the zoo, where we seized the alligators, tropical birds, big cats, monkeys, snakes and flowering plants in bright colors. Ponds and streams creating a natural habitat.

Spanish influence is evident in the decorative forged iron and decorative wood. The National Museum of Costa Rica, we were talking about this great nation. There are dioramas of early natives, the Spanish guns of the 16th century custom of burial, pottery, exhibits local animals, colonial furniture, displays with coffee and sugar industry, as well as colored fragments, which are part of the culture.

day 3

After breakfast with fried Yucca and sausage in tomato sauce, which was delicious, we left the city for the country, driving along the two-lane highway with hundreds of other machines. In one of the carbonated beverage or snack, we stopped for lunch. He was next to the calm river and it was very nice. Most sodas are open at the sides to catch the breeze. We are pleased to riding, seeing the mountains, forests and tiny villages. In each of them there is a church, a school, a football field and a soda. We stayed at the Do Do Center, version tykanskaga Lowe & # 39; s or Home Depot. The audit was fun! There were children's toys, kitchen utensils and appliances. This is a non-profit social organization. Our journey took us to the Pacific beach in Playa Hermosa, the hotel El Valera. Our hotel had a swimming pool, a private beach and outdoor dining. It was the other way around San Jose, being very small and quiet. This is paradise! The little animal has done some interesting images for Easter eggs in the sand! We swam in the warm water and watched the brilliant red sunset. Because it is near the equator, and 7:00 it was dark. The staff, again, was very pleasant. Dinner was delicious, Shatobryyan. It is made of beef, mustard, mushrooms and sherry. Our room was nice, and the porch catches the ocean breeze.

day 4

Another tykanski hearty breakfast with cakes, cheese, beans and rice with a strong coffee helped us to start our day. The morning we spent snorkeling and swimming. We were almost alone on the beach! We saw very beautiful fish and found some unusual shells. The water was very clear and warm. What a wonderful way to start the day! We were curious about the Play del Coco, close to the seaside resort. A short trip brought us to the colorful and sleepy little town. We shop at Mercado (shoes, dresses, masks, CDs, etc.), and a cool drink in a secret garden. One of pubs called The Louisiana Restaurant and Bar. Our Lady of Carmel – the Catholic Church in the city. It is open to the public, this is a very beautiful church, and a good place for a quiet moment. We enjoyed our long walks on the beach. On the way back we visited the supermarket, which was significantly less than in the American supermarket, but he had kostorikanskoy dishes, and it was the most interesting.

Our dinner had tapas in ginger around the beach: summer rolls, caprese salmon atstekavski soup and ahi tuna. Everything was nice! We took the local liquor sample Guara. It is made from sugar cane, is very popular in tykanav. It was very nice, and we did not care about the taste, but it was better in the mojito. For the time to go for a night of moonlight beach walk, and it was. Tomorrow I dive!

day 5

Today was exciting because I went to the diving! Marine wildlife was abundant! We're talking about the many varieties of fish and sea turtles. The water was clear; guides know their sites. I would like to do more in another trip! It was my first dive Pacific. Greg sat on the deck and did the tour. After we arrived at the Panama of Play on the winding road, which consisted of a small hotel and the beach. Great for really getting away! We returned to our hotel to find electricity. Perhaps, it happens frequently and it's anyone guess when he'll be back. We all turned, and tonight was bbq hotel. Food, of course, was delicious. There were many people from the community who came and we met some Americans who now live in Playa Hermia. There were interesting conversations! We joked with the bartender! The day was a good one! We really like the embankment Rico!

day 6

Now that we know the beach, we want to meet the volcano! Mt. Arenal – active volcano in central Costa Rica. The roads were twisted, narrow, hilly, and gave us great views! Of course, we took pictures! We stopped on a combined German bakery / cafe / store original craft! German food was a turning point in Central America. While we ate our quarrel, a man on horseback went outside and then came back again. We do not see in the cities of Florida! We looked at a small market, and went on their way. Lake Arenal is breathtaking! We noticed that the flowers of the field – a combination of tropical and those that we grow at home, which makes it a rather exotic. We stopped for coffee in a small cafe overlooking the lake. Protective gate at the entrance reminds us that there is a problem of crime, if we are not careful. A trip to the park "Arenal" took 6 hours due to unpaved roads and stops. We watched as a monkey jumps the road. We spent the night in the mountains. Arenalnaya Observatory Lodge, with a clear view of the volcano! We have heard and felt the rumbling, and after dark, we watched as a red, glowing lava flows on the mountain! It was an amazing experience! How often can you sit up in bed and watching the volcano! The park has hiking, surfing, fishing, biking and much more. We went to the rainforest, exciting experience! When we reached the waterfall, we splashed in the pool to cool down. Everywhere we saw hummingbirds and butterflies! The bar offers two specialty drinks, both of them are burning in honor of a volcano! Tomorrow we leave for the rafting!

day 7

Adventure on the alloy was beautiful! We ran into three rivers with capable guides. Our tour guide, Tony, caught attractive, although poisonous, a tiny blue female frog. We nibbled, jump and fly through the water. After a rigorous trip to the raft we had a delicious lunch with our group in tykanskay steakhouse. Lazy, hung on a tree, caught our attention. Quick tour of the magical town of La Fortuna will allow us to evaluate the culture of Costa Rica, especially the calm rhythm of life and appreciation of education in this country. We like the colors, the food, the music, the friendliness.

Santa Elena – a mountain town, which was only a very narrow, unpaved road. There are potholes, no guard rails, and a stream at one point ran across the road. On the road it was dark. I did not know if we can get to the top. However, Santa Elena is worthy of all this! This is a great place to visit! We stayed at the Hotel Finca Valverde & # 39; s. After we followed the perpetrator of a long and serpentine trail, we were able to sit in our hotel room in the middle of the rainforest.

day 8

We sat on the porch, drinking coffee and watching kinkayvusam, toucan and other tropical birds. After breakfast, there was a garden of orchids. It was heavenly! Many kinds! Colors, sizes and shapes varied. It was pieces, cafe / bookstore / laundry services. This is a great place with a great selection of books and lots of food choices! It was here that we met Cindy, a Texan who loves to live here and know where to find something! There was serpentarium. It was full of snakes and lizards of all kinds. There was a tour of a coffee plantation / sugar cane. We drove on and made aksakartse candy at the end of the tour, to take home. How often do we get to do it! So much to do in one day! There were hotels, restaurants, shops, all with a little urban flair. The town is very small, so the walk – the best way to get around. At the end of the day we are tired, but very happy to see and do so much. And tomorrow we button up in the canopy!

day 9

Today's breakfast was in the hotel and the Treehouse restaurant, where the actual tree growing through the roof! Tykanskaya coffee has become our favorite. It is strong and full of spirit. We ate a hearty, because today was our tour of the canopy in the cloud forest of Santa Helena in Selvatura park. The rain was falling, but we were in a rain forest! There are trails and gardens that occupy the time while waiting for the lightning. Walking across the sky were spectacular and gave us a spectacular view. Vegetation great! I have the feeling we button up above the canopy, like flying! We looked down at the trees and flew through them from one platform to another. This was our first zip code, and we loved this experience! Amazing! I went to the Tarzan swing, and Greg watched! Which is fun! We watched as some monkeys playing in the trees. The rain was falling, so we suggest to pack a poncho to exit and about.

For dinner, we drove a short distance to the steep and Chimera in Monteverde, where Cindy worked evenings. The view was wonderful. Food, tapas, was delicious! Especially tasty was SORB mango. Very reasonable price too.

day 10

Hike to the breakfast to the tree, only to find a coffee machine spoiled! Oh no! Fortunately, Chunches and Cindye were available, so we had breakfast and chatted with his new friend.

Cheese-making factory in Monteverde has many varieties of handmade cheeses. We bought some delicious-looking Gouda. Several shops along the road were open, so we looked. Back in Santa Elena, we visited the pond frog, full of tropical frogs and toads. It was a good time, as the rain came again. Butterfly Garden was close to dozens of gentle, lush, multi-colored butterflies. In Glasswing have transparent wings! Both rides were fun! Unfortunately, it's time to go back to the mountains. We had to say goodbye to Santa Elena and Cindy! Back down the narrow, steep and serpentine road in San Jose again. On the way we stopped at a soda for lunch. The man drove a small herd of cattle on the road past us. Very colorful!

day 11

Even in the heart of San Jose, we stopped again at the Gran. We felt like old friends, before the staff we met. From our room we had on the corner was a good place for street zabavlyalnikav. We were opposite the Teatro Nacional Plaza and all the people. We had lunch at Le Manastery, a former monastery, which stood high on a hill with fantastic views of the city lights at night! The food was excellent! It is highly recommended by hotel staff and travel costs! Night walk through the city was great for people who watched our last night here. There were a few street performers, and music coming out of clubs.

Once we were at the airport, we found that most food courts only takes cash from ATMs and vending machines are out of order. By counting our changes, we were able to buy a drink and a bag of chips each for dinner! Adyos, Costa Rica! Prices for most of the places were moderate, facilities were modern, weather & # 39; e was good and people were delicious! We look forward to another visit!


Cycling trip in Louisiana; Shrevport to the border of Mississippi


A trip on a bicycle on the roads Louisiana could be an interesting proposal, and quite challenging. Depending on what time of year you go, can also be a lot of pesky mosquitoes. One route is to get to Shrevport to Vicksburg, Mississippi, and if the crow flies, it is about 175 miles, but remember that we're going on a bicycle.

I-20 – it is about 178 miles and a direct gun, but remember that we are not a car and can not drive on the highway, and do not want it. Another route would be to Orange, TX on the border of Waveland, Mississippi, and is approximately 265, plus an additional 15 miles to the Mississippi River on Hwy 90, or you can choose to pick-up as a great stop and rest center vistor & # 39; bit abroad.

For all practical purposes 265 – a lot of miles and can easily lead you on a night when the bugs bite in the worst case, so let's look at a northern route to cross the country, and consider traveling 178, is not it? We'll start in the same river casinos, or I do recommend opening ports research center down the street from the center of the expo, and then go north from one mile to Texas Avenue, which is also a & # 39 is 79/80 Hwy.

The road is well maintained and safe to hold us Shrevporta and after 220 cycles without incident about 5 miles, and we warmed up for our ride and tour of the city on a beautiful Louisiana. Then it's an easy trip to Mindy, State Los Angeles, and about 21.5 miles, and then turns off Hwy 79 and sent in Claiborne County, Los Angeles, another nice trip to a place with a lot of nice people, but we will stay on Hwy 80 at this point. After about 8 miles the highway plunges under the I-20 for about 28 miles in Ruston State Los Angeles.

This concludes the 61 miles for a good break point, and then we continue on Hwy 80 Monroe, LA for 20 miles and then staying on Hwy 80, we again go out of town in Tallulah, passing on Rayville cities, Holy Ridge, Dunn and Delhi. It is about 60 miles. Next, we make a quick breath, and then a good 20-mile ride in Mississippi, crossing the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg. Great job! At this stage of our journey by bicycle across America.


A Brief History of the Kansas City, Missouri


Kansas City, Missouri, his initials are often referred to as “KC”, with the & # 39 is the largest city in his home state. Located at 316 square miles, it is located in Jackson’s areas of Kos, Platte and Clay. Home to the memorial of “Freedom”, the Museum of Art, and Nelson-Atkins and Arrowhead stadium (home of the Criminal Code of the leaders), it boasts a current population of more than 450 000 inhabitants.
Foundation of Kansas

Formation of modern Kansas City began after the Louisiana Purchase in 1804. Researchers Lewis and Clark visited the area close to the Kansas and Missouri rivers, and noted that the space will make an appropriate site for the construction of the fortress. Despite this initial study, the area remained largely empty for nearly 30 years.
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In 1833, a Baptist missionary and businessman named John McCoy and his family & # 39; I founded the Western Port neighborhood of Santa Fe Trail, which is located three miles from the Missouri River. A year later, a group of investors, known as the “Town of Kansas Tower”, began to settle the area. Kansas City was officially incorporated in 1850.
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Kansas City and the Civil War

By the Civil War, the city was located in Kansas, bitterly divided on slavery. With the widespread hostility in the region attempt to enter into the Union under the sovereignty of the people has been eliminated. That’s when Kansas City became the center of intense military activity. Despite winning the Confederation of the First Battle of Independence in 1862, the area in the first place was occupied by soldiers soldiers throughout the Civil War.
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With the completion of the war in 1865, town residents increased rapidly, and the opening of the Hannibal Bridge in 1869 caused a population explosion. Twenty years later in 1889 the name of the district was officially changed to Kansas City, and its boundaries were expanded to the south and east. By 1900, the population grew to 163 000 people, which was the 22 th largest city in the country.
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Kansas City today

Today, Kansas City is known for its rich culture in art, numerous sculptural fountains, elegant shops and a variety of local food establishments. Contribution to many styles of music, such as jazz and blues, as well as an introduction to the culinary world of barbecue in the style of Kansas City, has appointed its neighborhood in the center of one of the best in the country.
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Sorry Ethereum fans, Istanbul hasn’t happened yet. The update (or at least repetition of the test), which is expected to bring a number of improvements and changes to the popular blockchain, was recently added by the core team of developers. According to CoinDesk, Hudson Jameson, a community manager at the Ethereum Foundation, told developers in a phone call Friday that the trial date in Istanbul will be postponed to October 2nd from the September 4th start date. According to the developers, the later date is due to an influx of Ethereum Improvement Protocols submitted for review for the update.
ripple price
n a meeting in Switzerland sponsored by the Swiss Institute of International Studies, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell touched on the topic of cryptocurrency. He stated, apparently in response to China’s move to launch a digital currency of its own, that his organization is not “actively considering” its cryptocurrency. Powell then touched on Libra, noting that the Facebook-backed project has the ability to become “systematically important very quickly”. Powell did not touch Bitcoin regulation.

18th and Vine – Kansas City jazz, baseball blacks, black archive, theater and soul


This hot spot is often called Jazz District KC, it extends from the 1920’s prosperity. Its attractions are listed below.
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American Jazz Museum (1616 E 18th item attached thereto K .; baseball museum below)

Variety of jazz music are displayed in an interactive mode through the headphones and the media. The history of jazz instruments and visiting large, for example, Count Basi, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Yardberd Parker and many others. 9.00-6.00 W-Sa; noon-18.00. Tickets are $ 10 for adults, $ 9 for seniors, $ 6 for children 5-12 years old. Tickets for the combo to both the museum for adults $ 15, seniors $ 13, children $ 8; Group also rates available.
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blue room (Part of the jazz museum above)

Legendary jazz club. Traditional jazz Wednesday with jams and visiting artists, both local and out of town. Soft drinks well. Opened in 17-11, on Monday, Thu, Fri, Sat Bookmark weekend. Poster has a schedule of entertainment. flights
Negro Baseball Museum (1616, 18).

The history of popular Negro leagues of previous years. B & W films of outstanding players such as Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and Buck O & # 39; Neill. Moreover, Goose Tatum plays baseball before becoming Harlem globetrotter; he’s funny. The museum also has miniature golf with the status of real players. See information on hours and tickets for the jazz museum above.
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Theater gems (1615, 18).

Old theater of silent cinema transformed into a modern theater stage art with 500 seats with a stage. He holds concerts (eg, Jammin & # 39; in the Gem Series), public programs, educational festivals and theater / dance performances. It can also be reserved for private events.
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Black Archives of Central America (1722 E 17th St; a fairly new place)

Collects, preserves and makes available to the public materials that document the social, economic, political and cultural history of people of African descent in the United States and Kansas areas. It includes numerous collections, articles, newspapers and photos. 10.00-4.00 Th-W; or by a preliminary meeting on p. Studies are available in advance of the meeting.
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notable restaurants

Dani Big Easy (1601 18th st.). Serves kreale / Cajun / Louisiana Soul / food with jazz and blues on the weekend.

Barbecue Arthur Bryant (Brooklyn Ave. 1727). Sandwiches, plates, sides and sauces. 10 AM-9: 30 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 10 pm Wed-Fri, 11 o’clock to 20 o’clock.

Gates and Sons BBQ (1221 Brooklyn Avenue). Sandwiches, plates, sides and sauces. 10:00 the night every day until 1 am Fri-Sat

The soul of a delicious meal Papa Lew & # 39; s Soulious (2128 E 12th) Delicious home / southern breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffet style. 8 am to 7 pm Tue-Sun.

18th & Vine Jazz Festival (Educational; Annual / April)

Made in partnership with the local college Penn Valley Community College. Educates high school students, high schools and colleges, who will personally interact and play with / for the well-known jazz musicians with feedback. Open to students, teachers and music lovers of all ages. Some tools are provided. You must register in advance.

Jazz and blues festival Rhythm & Ribs (Annually / October)

It offers a variety of jazz entertainment, movies, food and family fun. Many famous zabavlyalniki. Cover.

Conclusion. Since this area has developed from its own original roots, he is not out & # 39 is a tourist, as sometimes can be expected. It’s like the real thing. For more information about this and other American jazz cities can be found on this website.


Explore the Old West Colorado


Prior to the explosion of the volcano, which formed the famous mountain, the area was tropical. Dinosaurs roamed the area. Palm and fern flora were at that time. flights
Early cavemen left in the United States of a land bridge across the Bering Strait, connecting the modern Russia with Alaska. These people settled in the western region of the United States and became the founders of our Indians.

Fast forward thousands of years. Spanish explorers visited the area in search of gold and other riches.

Next came the French. They expanded their possessions in nevykrytym the United States west of the Mississippi. Then, US researchers traveled to the west, to reflect its new acquisition of the French Louisiana Purchase.

Other Americans moved westward from the colonial United States to find their own adventure. Mountain people reshivshiesya the territory of Colorado, have decided to live in this safe ground. French fur Stalker went into the territory of beaver pelts, which are so demanding hats, coats and fur coats for rich people.

A man named Zebulon Pike explored the central Colorado and found the famous mountain that bears his name. Mr. Pike opened the Colorado area for further study. Many were looking for wealth, the Spaniards a few hundred years ago.

And they found it. Gold gap was in Colorado. Thousands rushed to the east, to gain happiness with the slogan “Pike Peak or Bust” painted on the lips or on their cars. Cities that you know today, such as Denver, Aspen, Livilliers, were once tent city established around the gold bumps.

With the established young towns in the gold scene zavihav burst of lawlessness, gambling, houses of ill repute and debauchery. Many of the old legends of the west made the Colorado stopping points for travel to other parts of the western West.

When at last extraction of gold mined, miners or left the territory to head to the east, or left on the plains of Colorado, to work the land. Several cardiac souls joined the wagon train, which moved to the west, because our new country suddenly became more and its territory has expanded more and more people.

With the influx of new residents pristine land owners, the Indians were forced off their property.

The Indians avenged the assassination and there were bloody clashes between them and the US Government.

By the turn of the century in 1899 Colorado was quite well arranged and was established as a state. Thus, you see that in such a short period of time Colorado was a very big part of the legend of the Wild West.

If you come to visit, think about where you are going, or the mountains, that you are photographing.

Hundreds of years ago, the first researchers looked at the same as walking on the same area. Definitely it gives you a sense of perspective.


Cheap cruises to New Orleans – saving tips and study of the Mississippi River, and more


If you want to go on a cruise in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, why not make the “Big Easy” from your & # 39 entrance city? Several cruise lines offer cheap cruises to New Orleans. If you are not a resident of the city, you can extend your vacation stay a couple of days before and / or after; simply transform your trip into two vacations in one.
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Cruises on the Mississippi

Since this is Louisiana, not all cruises have to be in the Caribbean. There are also river cruises on the Mississippi steamboats, which offers an American company Queen Steamboat Company. New Orleans – the port of departure for the adventure on the river Lower Mississippi.
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America cruise lines also offer cruises on the Mississippi River, which Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from eight to fifteen days. Some of them wander, and some end up in cities such as St. Paul, MN State. This is a great opportunity for lovers of history, who is interested in studying the history of Cajun and civil war. Along the river you can see a lot of wonderful places that have a stop in Davenport, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, Memphis, etc.
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Unfortunately, the Mississippi River cruises tend to be more expensive than Caribbean cruises. Part of this reason is because they tend to last longer. But still worth a go if you can find a good deal. Take your time and compare prices. This type of cruise should continue, if you want to experience the big cities and small American cities.
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Cruises on the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico

Cheap cruises from New Orleans found a carnival and Norwegian cruise lines, both of which offer routes are filled with warm, exotic places such as Cozumel, Mexico, Gulf of Montague, Grand Cayman, George Town, Ochos Rios, Costa Maya, Roatan , Belize city, and more. Some cruise routes directed to Western Caribbean, some – in the Eastern Caribbean, and some around Mexico.
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Obviously, the “off-season” for cruises in Mexico and the Atlantic bays occurs during the hurricane season in the fall. If you are again daring and adventurous, you often find very cheap deals for September – November.

more tips

One way to save money, especially if a lot of cities in your itinerary – it’s not participate in all the excursions the cruise line. You can just live on the beach or in a restaurant accessible from the coast of each call the port, or to organize their own trips with a third party.

Watch out for special offers on discount travel sites online that include benefits such as onboard credit and a free cabin upgrade. If you are going to fly to New Orleans, see if you can get a discount by booking both airfare and cruise. If you go there or live there, are looking for cheap or free parking options near the port. Some hotels near the port even offer inexpensive or free parking if you stay at least one night.

If you want to go for a short, two-, three-day or 21-day cruise, just use price comparisons of online tools that can help you find cheap cruises to New Orleans.

The best instruments for the purchase and price comparisons can be found online. Discounts of various kinds can be found, no matter what you plan to travel. Compare cheap cruises to New Orleans, you can easily use various routes.


Is it dangerous to take a holiday cruise through the Bermuda Triangle?


Wow. What kind of title – a mixture of danger and intrigue with a cruise vacation? I believe that someone has to answer the question so …

Where should I start?

Well, let's start with some information about the whereabouts of the Bermuda Triangle. As you might guess, this is connected with the island of Bermuda. In fact, there are various theories about the placement of the Bermuda Triangle.

For our purposes, we will take the common location area between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami. Draw a line on the map from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Miami and back to Bermuda, and you get something that many take for the Bermuda Triangle.

You've no doubt heard about all the mysterious disappearances in the "D & # 39; yabalskaga triangle" as it is sometimes called. Ships and planes disappear. Nautical instruments Soshel & # 39; yatseli … It is strange that someone generally passes through the area!

Yet each year countless ships sail through the waters of the triangle. Planes flying on their transatlantic flights to the southeastern United States to Europe, Asia and Africa.

What about cruises?

So what about cruises? Any cruises actually travel through the triangle?

Believe it or not, almost every cruise ship that travels to the US east coast in the Caribbean, sailing in the Bermuda Triangle, or through it. (Some cruises from Miami can skip most of the field, when they travel to the western Caribbean. But they originate at one vertex of a triangle or a number.)

Or reported accident on ships that traveled these waters? There were some violations? There were problems?

I could not face a single incident on board a cruise ship that sailed the waters between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, who have failed to take into account. There were cases related to weather & # 39; it, but associated with thunderstorms in the area.

Severe thunderstorms in the Bermuda Triangle

As I mentioned, there have been cases associated with weather & # 39; it. Any cruise in any waters of the Caribbean is exposed to the weather, especially in the hurricane season, when the accident occurred.

So no matter where you are sailing, if you were floating, this can cause more dangerous than the actual location. Cruise ships now have the opportunity to identify the dangerous waters, and captains have the authority to avoid stormy weather & # 39; I. There are contingency plans for cruises in the case of seasonal storms.

Thus, how dangerous it is?

How dangerous swim through the Bermuda Triangle? Let me ask you the following questions:

How many people have you heard in the news that are killed in car accidents? You walk down the street? Ride bikes?

Now, how many deaths you have not heard on a cruise ship that sailed the waters of the Bermuda Triangle?

Any death on a cruise ship – almost international news. Destruction of road, which you hear – it's just local.

Go on a busy street for you is more dangerous than a cruise on the Bermuda Triangle.


visit Copenhagen


The capital of Denmark – Copenhagen – is the most popular tourist destination in this beautiful Scandinavian country. With so many attractions that can be seen, and many kinds of delicious food Copenhagen offers for everyone.

Tourists from all over the world come by sea, air or land, to experience the greatest place in Copenhagen, including the Tivoli, the famous garden and the second oldest amusement park in the world, which is an exciting roller coaster ride, beautiful fountains, flower beds and excellent practices – designed headlights on throughout the park, as well as the Tivoli Concert hall – an important place for classical music. Another popular destination for tourists – the Little Mermaid statue, which sits on a rock near the water on the waterfront langelinie. The statue has been an icon in Copenhagen in 1913 and is based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Copenhagen is also a & # 39 is home to many castles, restaurants, museums, and is a place where you can experience the exciting nightlife.

National Museum – Denmark's largest museum of cultural history and archeology, and contains the history of Danish and other foreign cultures. The National Gallery houses collections from the 12th century to the present day, and it employs artists such as Picasso, Rembrand, Matisse, Rubens and Haing. Other notable museums include the Museum gliptotekav name Carlsberg Museum Torvaldsensa museum Ordprugaarda Museum, Louisiana Museum, Denmark's Design Museum and the Museum Tsysternerna. Copenhagen Concert Hall, the Royal Danish Theater, Vega in the Vesterbro district, and Copenhagen Opera House – just a few popular places in town where you can capture the exciting music, symphony and ballet performances.

If Copenhagen is easy to drive a car, residents are invited to walk or ride bicycles to keep the city in a green state. Use of public transport is also recommended and easy to do with a large system of Copenhagen Metro, delivering riders wherever they need to go to town, the S train network, connecting remote areas, as well as the main railways connecting surrounding areas to the airport and to the famous bridge Eresund. Currently, the city expands the system of public transit to take two million passengers a month.

Copenhagen is recognized as one of the cleanest cities in the world, beyond the scope of energy efficiency, and its unprecedented commitment to achieving high environmental standards brought the city the title of '2014 European Green Capital "because of its ambitious objectives and was also the world's leading green city in the World Index green economy in 2012.

Copenhagen has also been recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world and it is easy to see why! Due to its universal health care, free education and an incredible level of social security Copenhagen remains a place that its residents are proud to call home.


Lake depth Ponthartreyn


The study of lake sizes Ponthartreyn reveals some very interesting facts. The lake is the largest in Louisiana, and the world's longest bridge spanning the length of the lake from north to south, a distance slightly less than 25 miles. City Mandeville is located on the lake and has a remarkable and ancient history, which dates from the mid-nineteenth century.

Although the lake may be the biggest in the state, Ponthartreyn depth of the lake does not match the breadth of its length, and here lies the twist in the tale. Less than 15 feet. – 12 feet. in some seasons – the lake is considered to be very small. Nevertheless, it is a popular place for boating, and the Yacht Club offers classes Pontchartrain boating for adults and children and organizes summer sailing camp for seven & # 39; ads, and people.

Shallow water actually provide plenty of opportunities for thrills and entertainment. Experienced sailors understand that can mean a combination of wind speed and shallow water in terms of complexity with sailing.

Necessary and appropriate precautions, because the lake creates a lot of surprises. For the first time visitors are afraid not to zakalyhatstsa on feelings of complacency, given the small depth and the fact that the surrounding coast is surrounded by a lake almost completely.

What separates the lake from most others, it unexpectedly hard storms that may strike very little. High wind speeds up to 50 knots and waves that can reach a height of 6 feet, make this lake a few problems for katalnikav. Seafarers recommended to rush back to shore, if they feel that the weather & # 39; e went on worse.

Such warnings also offer fishing fans. Weather & # 39; e in the near future may become severe. However, the locals will guide anglers to fishing spots, which are likely to give the best catch, without requiring them to life and limb at risk flurry away on the lake.

So, what makes this lake is a popular destination for sailors and fishermen, given its brief squalls and little depth?


Ponthartreyn depth of the lake – this is what makes the place popular among sailors – shallow water, offering unique sailing conditions, which are rarely found elsewhere. Plus, the promenade, from the French Quarter to the busy hives to fishermen who catch is sorted daily – a place famous for its oysters – an interesting spectacle. Restaurants and other features on the lake should also be examined, as they offer the opportunity to taste local delicacies. Also there is the possibility of camping near the beach.

Visitors can see the sights of delight decks of river boats, which overcome the length and width Ponthartreyn lake. For people who love to watch vustsilami mouth, this place offers a lot of opportunities. Many rivers drain into the pool, adjacent to the lake, creating a fusion of fresh water into salt water, a feature characteristic of estuaries.

Lake – a perfect place, whether you are a visitor or a resident. Close as possible to learn the nature, experience the waterfront and numerous sailing and fishing opportunities do Lake Pontchartreyn must visit place.


Cruise the Caribbean – Expert Guide


Consists of about 50 islands (750 if the count
Bahamian archipelago) Caribbean real
a treasure trove when it comes to cruise. rich
Along with a variety of species, people and places waiting
swaying palms and idyllic beaches of golden sand.
Islands in the Caribbean network actually such
wide that you can book several Caribbean countries
cruises and avoid visiting the same islands twice!

There are four major cruise itineraries in the Caribbean
cruise operators:

Cruise on the West Caribbean – departure from
sea ​​ports in West Texas, Louisiana and Florida
The route goes on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Kazumel Island, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and
any number of islands off the coast of Honduras and

The cruise route in the eastern Caribbean Sea – one of the most
popular cruise lines in the Caribbean, East road
usually sent from Florida and other seaports
along the east coast of the United States. The
Routing calls to destinations such as Key West,
The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands
(Including St. Thomas and St. Croix) and Puerto

The route of the south Caribbean – this route
usually begins in San Juan in Puerto Rico
It takes a number of possible directions along the Minor
Antilles and the Netherlands Antilles so far

Exotic / long cruise route in the Caribbean – it's
route takes any / all of the above directions,
and sometimes can result in a different place, where
cruise began.

Given this wide range of destinations available
in the Caribbean, if it can be a bit overwhelming
on which the islands are trying to take the crucial decision
to fit in your itinerary. After all, you do not want
to miss some real gems of the Caribbean, is not it? Thus,

whether you are planning a short vacation or more
cruise vacation from home, here's a selection
& # 39; Required side & # 39; & & # 39; must-dos & # 39; on your Caribbean adventures.

St Croix (Virgin Islands) – Take a night kayaking
in Salt River National Park and visit the first
landing site of Christopher Columbus in flight
to the New World.

Grenada – Although Ivan destroyed by a hurricane in 2004,
Grenada is still worth a visit for diving
diving. You can explore the largest shipwreck in
Caribbean here and see an underwater volcano.

St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) – Cinnamon Bay
National Park offers excellent snorkeling
opportunities. You can see the richness of the underwater
life in the shallow waters around St. Thomas.

Jamaica – Why not try your hand at the alloy of bamboo?
Montagu Bay?

Puerto Rico – No Caribbean cruises will be complete
without having to visit the world famous Condado Beach on
Island of Puerto Rico.

Aruba – Want to find Caribbean paradise? how about
enjoying one of the 365 beaches that surround
Dutch island of Aruba.

St. Kitts – swim with the turtles in the waters around
St Kitts and then relax on the pink sand beach
this beautiful island.

Good luck in planning your trip and happy cruising.