The Eagles are driving the storm from the outside

Eagles have always fascinated me – especially the Eagle Eagle. There are over a hundred species of eagles, but our national emblem has been a bucket eagle since 1782, and had more "face time" in the classroom. Since June this year, he will not be on the emergency list.

Every state in our community has ants except Hawaii, so people are constantly reporting "eagle sightings." Head in head (Helialius leuciformis) It is a member of Sea and fish It binds and blocks the eagle's team, and connects it to life! That's it & # 39; s Right: There is no hanky punk in the world of the eagle eagle!

Mother eagle lays one to three eggs and the pair share the incubation period of 35 days. (There are no dead ancestors here!) The nesting cycle is about 20 weeks.

The female bald is 35 to 37 inches, slightly larger than the male, and has a wingspan of 72 to 90 inches. She is flying at 10,000 feet high, and she can achieve it during a flight Speeds About 30 to 35 m / s. It weighs only 10 to 14 pounds, and the bones are lighter, because they are weighed. She is known for her extraordinary distance of sight.

What I find most interesting is the fact that the eagle is capable of adjusting its body Out of the sound Wait for the storm to lift! What a lesson for us humans!

The eagle moves in draft – no struggle, no winged! It is the kind of "grace environment" that is similar to a Christian who has a low expectation and a low wings. The eagle is definitely a “whirlwind”!

As moms go, this is an excellent metaphor for the best parenting eagle to raise parents and parents for the body as a parent, as I can imagine. Since the hut is made of sharp materials to withstand the onslaught of obstruction from the outside, she and her partner have been listed on the inside. They made a great old feather bed!

When those little ones start to leave the nest and start supporting themselves – some as young as 4 years old – Mom's eagle starts to pull the nest. Butts are important for stimulating infants.

Then, the mother eagle ignores their noises and pushes the babies to the edge of the nest. As children lighten their wings, they strengthen them in their ignorance. Finally, she drove the nest one by one. As each eagle stops falling, screaming, and rolling, Mama eagles under her, stretching a 90-inch wing pan before It will hit the ground.

Lady Eagle & # 39; Eyes are never lost! As she took care of Baby and took her from the victim's touch, she took him to her crumbling hut and dodge. Temporarily & # 39; It's secure. But tomorrow he'll get another flying lesson from Mom's eagle. And lastly, one day he thinks he can fly himself! (Probably when there is no noise in that thorny hut!)

God looks like parents to me in the same way. There are times when this wounded child can feel safe in his stroller. The time it took for me to get out of that comfort zone & # 39; He knows. But always, his eyes are on me and his protective wings are beneath me.

I really felt like I raised my mother on the eagle's wings after her death. It was not just spiritual, it was a visual feeling, and I floated peacefully all day long. So I know the truth of this book.

They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall not grow weary; Isa 40:31

(C) May 2011 2007 April Laurier | Related Posts