The secret of Sinocoville Cambodia?

One of the secrets is one of the fastest growing areas of Cyannovville Cambodia, the fastest-growing Asian beach resort city. A lot of people who have been here before think that I can tell you on your feet, this quiet little coastal city is easily recognized as having all the cars for a long time. All you need is more flights to the now open Sihanoukville Airport, as soon as you get a direct flight from Bangkok, beware of this place flying!

Three things are very interesting in Sihanoukville and you should take every opportunity to see Sihanoukville before, which is soon.

A 5 star luxury hotel for under $ 100

Soko Beach Resort is a 5 star luxury beach resort with its own private beach, a small lake's width, 4 to 1 guest room and all the other amenities you can expect from 5 stars. A luxury beach resort with less than $ 100 a night! I can guarantee this price. If your budget is less than $ 100 per night, many other Sihanoukville hotels and guesthouses are located near the ocean.

The Islands of Sihanokuville

The islands have always been a real secret There are not many islands around the world, and you have many invisible islands. Over the next ten years, a group of Thai islands in Koa Sumay, Kuang Fang and now close to the Keh is an area that will see the same level of growth as the Cambodian Thai border. Koh Rung Samleom and Koh Rung will be seeing the highlights in the next 3 to 5 years and the Koh Tung groups will be a unique, beautiful and excellent sports and water sports in the future.

Real money, get that real money.

The Cambodian economy is based on the US dollar. What does this mean for you, compared to many other tourist destinations in Southeast Asia? Thailand is a good example, despite the fact that there has been a massive Muslim uprising in the southern three states while the military is taking over the country. One of the reasons that Jainhoi was supposed to occupy power was to try to control that situation, as news reports from the region now appear more than they were a year ago.

The rising popularity of Korean, Malaysian, Singapore, Japanese, and Chinese dollars in Cambodia makes Cambodia a fast-growing tourism market for locals. And Asian tourists love many things on offer in Sihannockville, including legal gambling and cheap seafood.

You know, though, as the great guidebook says, I also have a lot of good beaches.