Wedding Readers – Celebrate by taking a second honeymoon!

I was 22 years old when he said, "I do." That was before I got rid of our four little ones and put them first in our lives. We no longer sit down and look around, changing diapers and passing by as he sucks the kids. (But most days we say we wouldn't have it any other way.)

It is important to have your relationship with your spouse in your life as you raise (or not) your children. One way to do that is by taking it all off the ground and taking the 2nd honeymoon. But after the 5th, 10th, or 15th year of marriage, when is the right time to do that?

You can have your first or second child in a five year marriage. If your little ones are still running, this is a hard time to leave. Donations are tight with new expenses like budgets for child care and dialect. If you can escape for your 5th year anniversary – do it! I know you are taking a break.

If you can't escape in five years, do something romantic with the traditional and modern day gifts of the year and explain the meaning behind them. Your spouse is involved in research and ideas.

In a decade of marriage, you may be more concentrated in your work. This may be the best time of your life to break free from your daily obligations. If you have a disposable income to do so, go to 2nd honeymoon. Unless your honeymoon is for the dead, pick a new destination to celebrate who you are today and make new memories there.

# 1 second honeymoon trip to Hawaii. I never wanted to beat my heart. Other suggestions for a second honeymoon are ships, Europe, Italy, Mexico, Tahiti and St. Lucia. We took our second honeymoon to Europe. There was once a vacation in life. Spend as much time planning each little detail as your first honeymoon. Take a special trip by staying overnight at your airport or hotel near your big capital. Book first class tickets to be seen as king and queen during flight. (Remember that you have been taking care of other people for the last ten years (this is your chance to care))

You & # 39; Insurance & Exit & # 39; Make sure you know. It may be necessary to carry international travel health insurance coverage during your honeymoon. You don't want to deal with a disaster or know that you get sick overseas and then you don't have health coverage. If someone dies abroad, it will cost more than $ 10,000 (without medical insurance) to bring your corpse to the United States (no love, I know, but it's important to understand)

Back to the fun part. Book your favorite hotel or your destination of your choice. Spend the extra money because it could be another ten years or until you are an empty Nazarene who doesn't pay college tuition before you get a third chance at a honeymoon.

We think the years have exploded and there have been many excuses and now you are nearing your 15th anniversary but there is still no 2nd honeymoon. It's never too late. Make it happen and make it a priority this year. If you go for this fifteenth year, buy a special piece that represents the fifteen year anniversary gift provided at the end of your vacation. Forwarding your children will be a special part of your life.

The first point of this story is to make your moral connections first. Second honeymoon is amazing, but long breaks can be useful in keeping the fire alive. Plan a lot of research and planning to spend any time without children and lonely time.