Mexico Hotels & Ozarks Rating in Tripadvisor 2013 Poor. Traveling Choice Award

We found another country regarding travel destinations for American media, or the Mexican government is at the forefront of the fight against drug wars and masters, and the Tripadvisor 2013 Travel Trip Awards are not yet available. You get the message that a trip to Mexico City, a resort or a beach is a safe bet. And the economic growth that is rated for the Oxaxaca state is worrying about tourism, particularly at the Okaxka de Juarez headquarters and the two major Pacific Coast Resorts.

Tripadvisor is the most widely used international online platform for travelers planning to find hotels and other destinations, restaurants, tours and activities. So when the annual reviews of the website are published, it means something, although the argument is probably one year out of date.

Mexico was completely closed to the top 25 hotels in the world category, for the first time in four seasons, Hawaii, Hawaii – Hawaii, Hawaii. Of the top 25 hotels in the Mexican category, Oxaka has no reservations.

In the list of the top 25 hotels in the world, Mexico has also not discounted, the prize going to the apartments in Greece. Once in the Mexican category, Okaxka was the first non-private member of the Pia Fies Beach Club and Hotel in Puerto Vallata.

Mexico's bad news continues in the category of the top 25 romantic hotels in the world and in the category of the top 25 forums. The Greek romantic Anastasis apartments have once again gained prominence, and Paris has come to rest, not far from Mexico in both categories. In the country, Riviei Cancun won the romantic race for the silent, down-and-out of Okaxka. However, Ocaxka City ranked eighth in Mexico for the top ten destinations and entered first in Cancun.

Mexico has retained its 13th and 18th place in the nation, even though the Oaksxana Resorts held 13th and 18th places in the country. For coastal destinations, the 25th largest place in the world goes to the Sicily Peninsula Islands, and Mexico only gets one noise, 21 of Akumal's place. The first place in the country to go to Pellee El Nott in Asia Murray. The soundtrack is a silver lining that goes to Zacquila on the coast of Escuador.

Patscorro, Mexico, ranked # 18 in the Casino Encantada in the world's top 25 Burgess Hotels category, and in fact, Ozaxka voted for each of the hotels in Huatulco and the city of Oxska. .

It may take a little extra consumer confidence to get guests back to Mexico on vacation, and the Mexican government will pay for a year-and-a-half in today's Mexico program. The American media continues to focus on its own backyard.