What to do and what not to do to get the former back!

If you are looking for your ex back then it is best to start the relationship before it is too late. I know that the former may look like "hating," but allow me to give you a powerful iron – this is a really good sign.

“Hate” proves that the emotions associated with the relationship are still there and you can work with them. Violence means that the feelings that once existed for you are now dead and never coming back. The only place where you are between hate and loneliness is that you can win back the love of your life but only play your cards properly.

Contest seeds are found in your natural "fight or flight" responses in the trunk of your brain. These frightening conflicts are not based on reason, rather, in survival. They are hereditary from our prehistoric ancestors, who have been challenged simply to survive. When you run out of hunger hunting, you run… but if you run on a rock, the end result is the same as eating life.

It's the last thing you need to worry about when you have an important relationship. Here are some of the self-defeating actions we get when we are at the end of a relationship.

1. We hold ourselves accountable.

2. We express our sorrow but in the process it seems weak and emotional.

3. We promise to be better and look weaker and more emotional in the process.

4. We push around, ring and spit.

5. We tell them that we love them again and we believe that they are weak and emotional in the process.

6. We try to move the blame on them.

7. We have met with friends and relatives to see if we can make some money there and can only annoy the person we are trying to win.

8. We call them and write them consistently and we look weak and patting.

And worst of all,

9. We will come back to make them look weak and loving.

What is difficult to understand is that all of these "fight or flight" responses come from a good, loving place, who want things just in case. To see this more transparent, roles are reversed and think that your past job is showing you all these "fights or flight" in a desperate attempt to get you back. What do you think of your former partners back then? UKK !!!

All you have to do and want to do is something completely different. You will need to transform yourself into a "flame" and your ex into a "moth," which does not need to be burned. If you consider the matter logically, you need to position yourself as a person of great value, someone who understands recovery, a person who thinks he or she cannot live. They do not do this by pretending to be weak and loving. They do this to make them look strong and wise and maybe a little bit.

There are many completely rational, psychological techniques that you use to reinforce your case, but you will have to do something soon before finding the new one and falling into a bad environment. There are books to help you with this. Buy good today and get started right away. Above all, fight all those “fight or flight” reactions until you get a handle on what makes you want and what you want.

From my personal experience, I know that interruption can hit you like tons of bricks. Like a 50-foot tsunami, it is as easy as a hurricane. In some cases, there were enough warnings in the past but you have ignored them or blindly, believing that you are safe in your relationship. And, breaking down anytime is a complete surprise.

This is what happened to me at the end of my marriage years ago: One night, she said, "I need a divorce." I couldn't believe what I heard! I tried to talk about it but it was impossible.

All of the things I mentioned above, I have studied most of the "wisdom" or flight. I started living with my parents. I lost about 30 pounds. In short, I couldn't sleep at night unless it was. The second time I woke up, and that tsunami hit me again. Like a savory dish. I couldn't stop talking about my separation. In the meantime, she met another man. She got divorced and remarried.

Today, many years later, I was wrong to see each other again and even if I could drag, it was wrong to meet again. The amazing thing is that if I knew now what I knew, he could have gone back to eating from my hand. Looking back, I didn't have a clue what to do at that time. I know it won't last now. We were very special.

We strongly recommend that you do not try to get in touch with your family and friends. They will try to stand by you, as you will address them as a source of all your past problems. They fear that if you ever reunite, your heart will be broken only once. You have to resist all these "tips". Just close your ear to him because, if you're honest with yourself, it's only you who know your relationship and only realize it, whether it's a good idea to get back together. It's you who has to make the choice and you have to live with it.

The good news is that any relationship can be saved if you decide to redeem your ancestors if you play your cards wisely and take the necessary steps quickly. If you do "fight or flight" things, you will move far and far into the past. They will grow closer to you than they are now.

Alternatively, if you make a moth and a flame, you will almost always recover the former, but you must act quickly before the "hating" turns into Ambervale. In short: Instead of giving a valid excuse to leave, give your reasons for returning. While this does not cure all relationships, it still works with most of all the flames of anger and "hatred".

I have nowhere to go into all the details of what to do and what to do. I suggest you buy a good book for that. I can give you some account tips, however

1. Apologize, but do it in a way that makes you look, not weak and loving.

2. It shows the past, not the missing.

3. Resist sex until the relationship is completely healed. Sex is too gay lately. Later sexual intercourse can be mind-boggling.

4. The fact of the fraud must not be a distributor of facts. In fact, it's much easier to restore trust and confidence than you think.

My best wishes are that you can restore your relationship with the past. If you already have some tools and you can buy the resources to learn the rest, get started before it's too late. Don't waste another minute!

Bob Gill Pillow

© 2011 Robert M.

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