Skiing, scuba diving and free water wells; What's the difference?

It uses a mask and a mask! You may or may not have the arms. Typically, smokers stand on their feet and watch fish and coral courses below the surface. Many of them would then like to dive under the water and see fish.

Those who plow the ground and use the wings are as diverse as free. This is now taking some to some extreme extremes and the record is over 80m! It is a standard range of 6 to 20 meters for most free types. If you are trying to become a serious free swimmer, having some professional training for two good reasons is of great benefit to you

1) To maximize your potential, it will make you more capable and go deeper and deeper. PADI, SSI and most of the certification agencies have specific courses for this.

2) A shallow waterfall that can kill! The shallow water loss occurs due to the deep pressure of air, which affects most of the free range alone and why it is recommended to get some training and why serious free variations Always Get in touch with a friend who knows about water depth and what to do. If a friend is always in trouble, it is a normal procedure to help the other.

Fishing while fishing is a completely different sport and very enjoyable, when you need the fish, then you have to hit some kind of spear, and then you have to lift the fish and yourself. In Hawaii, weighing fish at 20 kg and wide, they are drawn to an art form, and the fish can do a really tough natural battle as they do their best to escape. It means there is something to fight for you to keep you from climbing when the air is needed! I can't think of a good fight other than wrestling bats or cardboard boxing. Fishing with fishing gear is illegal in most places and is considered unethical by all sportsmen.

The Scuba Diving uses masks, wings, and air compressors, they usually have a scuba jacket attached to a tank called "BDD" and become a set of controllers attached to the Cuban lifting, as described by Detective Lingo. regs "or" octo & # 39; s normally consists of 2 controllers, and a low pressure hose or 2, and an information pack with 1, 2 or 3 different pressure and depth sensors, scuba dials, and other devices, such as weights and knives. Lights, underwater cameras and underwater video cameras are common features in Cuban versions. If you get there, we hope to see you underwater soon!