Hotel Wiley – Exclusive Copy Resort Review

Like their Manol counterparts, the beachfront hotels in Mahi are just as big – big. The loud pools, crowded browsers and the number of tourists. This may seem like a paradise for college-aged travelers in the spring, but if we are looking for a quieter, more holistic Hawaii experience. Couples around the world have found the option of staying on a rocky beach: Hotel Wiley, Mayo's luxury hotel.

Travelers have a lot to say about TripAdvertisers, which has a 4.5-5 rating and is ranked third in hotels in Wawele, Maui. We'll cover a few highlights below and give you some tips on how to have a wonderful stay.

An overview of the hotel grounds

Unlike many coastal hotels, Hotel Way is not a large building. Instead, it is a set of two-story villas spread over 15 acres of rolling hills. The property receives a lot of praise because it is well designed and beautifully designed. In fact, guests often spend their first time exploring the property, enjoying the quiet gardens, relaxing pools, and fishing with ponds. The architect Frank Lloyd Weyer is inspired by the Japanese Japanese sweater.

The hills are great for snapping pictures of the ocean, but notice that you walk for a while to get to your room. It is not unreasonable to walk a step further than a nice flat layout in a regular hotel building. Tip: If you don't want to walk much, ask for a room near the bedroom or parking lot.

Behind the grand layout is the feel of owning the whole place for yourself. Note that many guests see the people around them except the usual places. This place is definitely not a tourist, distraction with the big hotels on the beach.


The property has 72 bedrooms in total. The kitchens are located on the ground floor with two storeys and two on the ground floor. Very rarely there are any voice complaints, so the older ones seem to sell well. Tip: They have good ocean views on the top floors and have room numbers that last 3 or 4. Suites are often sold based on their views, and guests strongly support the panoramic ocean view.

The first thing travelers notice about the rooms is that it is vast, and this is evident even from the pictures they find online. Each kitchen features a kitchen area with a top, kitchen and sink. Tip: If you plan to cook in your room, make sure to ask for pots and jars in advance. By default, there are very few pots and bowls left in the room. You can also request a microwave.

When it comes to furniture, there is a full table with two seats for dining, a pull-out sofa, a coffee table and LCD TV. Each ocean floor has a private, spacious lounge with benches facing the ocean.

On some of the older reviews, travelers complained that the rooms were outdated. In response, the hotel management has made great strides in updating the rooms by installing new carpets, furniture, luxury clothing and new beds.

Most rooms have king size beds, but a few have double beds. Main bathrooms have baths and breeding tanks, these are different from each other and can be great for couples but sad for friends and family. Still, some bathrooms may use some upgrades, but most guests won't find this a problem.

Some sections are located near the pond, and these mixed reviews receive. Some travelers like to be able to eat fish daily in the morning. However, sitting on pond water can attract mosquitoes, especially at night. So if mosquitoes are a magnet, do not forget to remove emissions along the pond.


The hotel's facilities provide more attention to couples than families with their children, and many guests appreciate the relative absence of children on the property. One of the main amenities is on-site, in Spanish style Sponge, where guests have close access. Guests absolutely love the pool baths that you can take part in in Japanese art lie Or “sponge bath.” There is also a hot tub and dry sauna.

The pool is small compared to the ones in the larger hotels, but as guests say, it makes the setting more intimate and relaxing. There are plenty of full-size beds and beach chairs in the swimming area, along with a swimming pool that sells drinks within hours. Most people enjoy the fitness center in a beautiful room open to the sea, but strong country visitors may be disappointed. The equipment is not large – there is a tent, a mound, a stationery bike and a golf golf course. Until May & # 39; There is no complete set of songs to date.

When you want to get to the side of the highway, the hotel has a free shuttle (Cadilla kaledead) that guests are very fast. The hotel has a private beachfront section with beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and bottled water (covered by entertainment fee). You can also charge your account by ordering them to have lunch or order a cocktail there and not to worry about bringing any money to the beach.

All of these amenities come at a price – a $ 25 / day entertainment fee. But don't let that scare you; Guests contend that money is well spent.


Note that Hotel Waywell is not beach property and is generally secure. According to Google Maps, it is a 1.4 mile (~ 26 min) walk to the beach and a low altitude, so you'll want to use the free shuttle unless you're a hiker. The truck takes you to the beach and beyond, including the blue golf course.


There is a very famous restaurant on the site of Capschet, which offers delicious Italian food. The restaurant is the best Italian restaurant in Hawaii and has won several awards, including the Zagat 5-Star Award. But the prices are very narrow. The dinner menu is available on the hotel website.

There is free continental breakfast every morning. Guests will be excited about the local bananas and lollipo bread and fresh guava juice. Your other dining options are in Wiley. There are general stores in Wahele stores that sell freshly made foods like Benito's salmon.


Travelers regularly provide the service. Home care works great because there are hundreds of cleaning rooms. Pests try to clean when outdoors, so they don't bother. Staff are very friendly and friendly. One of the travelers was told that she was on a gluten-free diet and that she would be introduced to staff noti before she arrived. So be sure to tell them all about any allergies and dietary restrictions you may have when handling. In general, the staff looks much healthier than the main chain hotels.


Hotel Waley is perfect for couples looking for a quiet Hawaiian holiday in the wake of big beach resorts. Rooms are large but may require some updates. The property itself is well laid out and well-distributed, providing a panoramic view of the Pacific from most of the larger sections. Summer runs between $ 250 and $ 399 a year, a great deal considering how easily or twice as many of the major hotels in the area pay. If you shop directly for a hotel for at least 90 days, the price goes down to $ 170 per night, which is a constant price for this area.