Hawaii Mazzu Beach

Located on the north side of Maywa Valley on the Farrington Highway, it is a white sandy beach unknown to tourists. However, in 1965, he served as the editor-in-chief of the 1965 film "Hawaii," by Julie Andrews.

The nickname "Twin Pines" is a pocket between two forests, one mile long by the sea. It has an interesting beach, the size varies from season to season. Although the beach is 200 feet wide, the elevation of the elevated beach has been reduced by winter. In summer, the sand stays and the beach expands.

Like many other beaches, the coast of Mazwa, the Mazzua beach is characterized by dangerous shops, especially in winter. This man is not protected by man-made river water or natural reefs. Heavy coastal cracks, high tide, long beaches, and ducks are not for the faint of heart or in-laws.

But in the calm, summer months, Mawaway Beach is a breathtaking area. An easy-to-see sandy beach entrance, 15 to 50 feet away, and the coastal beauty of Mazrua Beach is a treasure trove of marshes, dolphins, dolphins and humpback whales.

However, although he is a pristine, he is not fully described. On the coast, there is a rock in which the beaches gather in the 1960s. In those days, he had the phrase "wool for prayer" in which young supporters go to the sun and pray in a stormy atmosphere. One day, the locals were surprised to find themselves sprawled on the rock carved "Pray for Sex". The signs were not reliable, and the phrase stuck. Rock is called "Pray for Sex" and Mawa Beach is locally called "Pray for Sex."

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5 unique things about Macau Beach

  • The Nana and Cave, south of the coast, was named after the God of Hawaii. In the first myth, the cave was the womb from which man was born.
  • Mawaway Beach is the setting for James5itchener's 1965 movie "Hawaii" star Julie Andrews.
  • The beach has two nicknames: "Twin Pinnacle" and "Pray for Sex" Beach.
  • In Hawaiian Mazzu means "parent".
  • According to Hawaiian songs, Mazwa is home to gods and demigods.