I stayed in the rainbow

Last April I fell on a flight of stairs and broke my right arm. I have nerve damage and I'm not sure I will use my whole hand again. There is more to an artist than I can handle without using the right hand. I am now drawing and I am looking for things I do not know before I fall and I wrote this poem in honor of the new and celebrated discoveries.

"I'm in the rainbow"

I came to find myself

You want to lift it

And yet

I began to smell the ground.

I stayed there for hours

Brown first

Examining the resources

Before that

I walked only on my feet.

I pointed my finger

It went into a small hole.

I hope I get it

Something different

I didn't know before.

Oh, I found myself in a hurry

As the ant came out of the cave

One ant, one small ant

Treasure, and

It's a focus in my day.

He became like everyone else

I've seen it before

because of

I chose to draw my attention

Stop by

Listen to life and life

Vague noise.

Reflections in the pond

Above the small holes of ants

I jumped to fit the trip.

Who knew a lake would open?

Magic with my own smile.

I found myself a host

Up to a thousand tiny angels

And one afternoon they found comfort.

I woke up the whole universe

And roses

I blew a glittering breeze.

I was thirsty to touch the dew on the roses

Store everything they say

They found solace in their voices

The sun, as they are filled with moisture

Until a very happy day.

I stood in the rainbow

The colors met my skin.

Going out of my head

Solving Past Oppositions

I received the call of miracles

And he stood back to watch them grow up.

20 October 2006