While in business, I had the opportunity to travel on Hawaii Avenue, 61, at Hawaii. I had a few hours to kill before my flight so I went to the back of the island behind Hullu, just behind the cohole.

I was running short so I looked at the map and headed back to the center of the Cola Olau area, which is not possible to the center and then to the airport. The sky covered the high altitudes all day long, but when the sun began to fall down toward the sky, the clouds were breaking.

The Hawaiian mountains are amazing, they go straight up and down, creating an unstoppable barrier to transportation. At that time, the islanders created a footpath that crosses seemingly impossible cliffs and Pali can be subdivided into the canal, transporting sugar, bananas, rice, fish, pigs, poultry, and other products to the mountain markets. .

This road was surprisingly narrow and slippery. The Hawaiians took it easy, but foreigners feared their way too, fearing their mortal fate. May In 1845 the road was elevated to 6 feet, with a stone and horse-drawn stone expedition, and a rock slide emerged. May By 1897 the road had been blown up to 20 feet wide and turned all sorts of hills and straight hills.

The expansion has allowed him to drive chariots and climb mountains. Traveling on the road was always tricky, and the riders were always cunning, as they were faced with the strongest winds as they climbed up and down steep cliffs. The old road was 8% and 8800 feet long.

The modern route that passes through the Noun Pali Caves was built in 1957 and is now a highway that travels thousands of cars daily and up the mountain. As I walked through the hallways on the side of the Hullulou, I saw the "Pal Iloquay" sign, so I decided to explore it.

He is walking through the jungle to the spine leading to the viewpoint at the top of the mountain, and to the park, and a short path to PALI overview. I parked my car and climbed out of Honolulu to see the steep cliffs that go down the coast.

It was a spectacular view in all directions, as the sun was coming out of the clouds at selected land and sea points, as something to look for. Smoke, as clear as the clouds of the sky, with bright, bright green peaks above the horizon. As I looked down at the height of the high oceans, the wind blew me violently after the ocean voyage and this time when it was forced into the mountains and fell into these hills.

When he was beautiful, this place had a bad feeling for him. Later I learned that there were many hidden stories related to the old Paley Street. After leaving the viewing point on my way back to Hullulou, I stood on the side of the road, to admire the magnificent vistas of the surrounding vineyards and the picturesque Hawaiian forests.

It is when I think of the stories of Menenne or the "little ones" I heard. Apparently, there is a legend in Maine in Maine. These tiny people live in the jungles of Hawaii and come out only at night. Since they are the main developers, it is said that they can build complex structures overnight.

Many Hawaiians are afraid of manning and avoid forests. Manning and the Hawaiian Islands were the first settlers to date from about 0-400 AD. They are said to be descendants of the Marquesas Islands. The Tahitians lived in the 1100s. They invaded Hawaii, and, according to legend, brought Menneein into exile in the forests.

As I walked through the forest in search of giant tree species and species that I knew nothing about, I thought of my secret and even though they were exiled to the forest … I thought this was a fun and mystical place. It's not such a bad place to be fired.

Who knows if the legend is true… One thing is for sure, Hawaiian Street 61 is a remarkable change from the palm trees that people are most familiar with. From Pali's perspective, the rotating views are amazing. If you visit the rear of the island – eat Hanama Bay, Sandy Beach, or any other interesting places, skip the H3 Freeway on the way to Hullu and try Pali Highway instead. They will not be disappointed.