Flight Participant Information Guide

Interested in becoming a flight attendant? Interested in flying to this place and enjoying the old beast in us? Okay, I'm a little amazing! Still, flight attendants have been providing much needed passenger service and security support for 75 years since the first eight women on board Boeing's flight. Since then, pastors have been called as the first. Read on for the resources online that will help you get started on your airline career for every destination on the planet.

Airline Flight Attack Room – According to MNA. Host Group, Air, Aerospace Aeronautics Room is a place where the Aerospace Audiences gather for risk and whistles to discuss airline hiring, working conditions, passenger attitude [ugh!] And much more. This site also has a list of companies currently hiring. Frequently updated!

Corporate Flight Participants Association – AOCFA is an organization dedicated to expanding your area of ​​interest to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim, a private jet flight attendant. Visit for details.

CabinCrew.Com – According to Britain, this site has all the information you need about aviation worldwide. The site features a discussion section, hiring information, and online courses to help you get started. If you don't already know the web address, that's Cheers!

Corporate Flight Participation Society – This site is for you for anyone interested in looking for a job as a private flight attendant! Providing relevant articles, training information, job listings, active forum and much more. Throwing on a private boat is not for everyone and training levels and service levels provide a whole new meaning to the original meaning. You can find the site at

Flight participants center – This is a password-protected site, but new members are being accepted. The site is similarly b Airline Flight Attack Room. The unique features of this site are now available in many airports forums, which can be a great way to gauge how well veterans think about their company. You can find this site at

It's another site of interest Air Cream Health At, this site features health news and tips to keep you safe before, during, and after your flight. The website is administered by an independent research psychologist based in Hawaii, Dr. Bobby Sullivan. Her primary research interest is the health and well-being of those working in the aviation industry.

Of course, visiting any special airline homepage will provide you with a lot of information about Cabinet staff needs, interviews, training, hiring information and more. Lots of rumors on the internet, so be careful what you read and ask serious questions!