Book Review: Major Activities

Genre: Modern

Word count 6,660

Average message quality levels 3/5 stars

My level is 1/5 / stars

Julie Frank and Sam Caldwell were ready for a year. But thanks to both of them, the wedding was postponed. until now. Finally, you can take military breaks from honeymoon for the honeymoon, but don't get any rest from being patriotic to serving their country.

This book could have been great. There is a kickass military hero, a long-awaited fellowship, and even some (almost) steam porn scenes, as well as honeymoon in Hawaii. Oh yes, this book had potential, and that's why I was so angry at it at this time.

I don't even know where to start with this terrible storm. Accelerated love story, and finally the shock of the characters (because this is a novel that introduces other introductions to the "true" books of the series) and patriotism is dropping my throat.

There is no reason for at least 15,000 words for this story. Everything went so fast that I didn't even care about Jolie and Sam getting married. Then the honeymoon in Hawaii was destroyed. And believe me, honeymoon in Hawaii is never an issue. Always. I do not care how dangerous the jets are, they do not go from one flight to the next without mentioning one or the other in the newspaper or in the middle.

The sex scenes in this story were good, but for some reason they weren't even joining the Miles for a high club. Maybe it wasn't because my style was not my favorite, or because I was associated with the characters. I didn't get one of these fun and they took about half the story.

The other half seemed patriotic. There were too many. At least four patriotic songs have been played, and no matter what I want, there is nothing wrong with being patriotic to serve your country, and how proud they are to be a patriot, and when you slide into someone's throat America is not perfect. This is how the author published his post as a military recruitment post.

Don't be mistaken. I have full respect for the army. And America is not even close to being the worst country in the world. But it's not Neriel. There is a lot of error in the United States, including the large number of homeless vets. So it would be a shame to find all these "patriots" characters.

I understand that this will be a series about families who love military power, but that means the story needs to be started. There could have been a lot more character development to balance the patriotism and it wasn't a problem for me back then. But, as of right now, the main characters are as deep as Uncle Sam's poster and I feel like the moral of the story has hit me and it's two-on-four, a good feeling.

In stories, morality is completely okay. In small quantities. If it is clear that it affects the story, there is a problem. The patriotism here is much clearer than the morality in the books of beginners I read to children. To know what a bad job means, it must be more pervasive for an adult's morals.