Oahu Hawaii Hotels

Pirates in Hawaii have known for many years that it can be a good way to save money. Hawaii hosts are no longer just for background producers. Oahh has a variety of hosts, ranging from popular backstage hangouts in North Shore to Hulule and Waikiki private rooms.

Oh Hawaii Hosts

How do you know that staying at a Hawaiian hotel is a good way to save money for your vacation? If you guys, and even more, if you don't want to listen to rescue guests when you are sleeping, you might do well. If you are the abuser, your ex can throw two pillows on one of you or put you on your side!

Many Hawaiian hotel hosts, including hotels in Hong Kong, now offer private rooms. You still have to worry about sharing the bathroom.

Using the kitchen helps to save some big ducks while traveling in Hawaii. Although some items, such as milk and grain, often double the price as on the mainland, they can get cheaper if they come in for a meal, but that's another chapter. In addition to saving money, it makes it easier to connect and travel with other travelers, such as campus accommodation.

Savings at the Oahu Hotel often work opposite the rest of the lodge, so the best savings in colleges are paid by a single person. Many Hawaiian hosts today offer private and semi-private rooms with owners and group rates.


Backpackers Inn and Plants Village – Located on the Historic Highway on the north side of the three-block Beach Beach and Wami Bay, the latter pocket is a friendly host, usually by a crowd of 20. Options offer lounge, private rooms, cottages, beachfront studios and, as do many Hawaiian hosts, offer free activities and bobo boards and free grass gear. Their cruise boats run for about $ 30, a pedal bike for $ 5 and a 50 percent discount on "two of the island's biggest attractions."

Beds are $ 30 or less per night, based on weekly prices, and private rooms will average $ 68 per night. Studios and cottages rent from $ 112 to $ 120. Rates vary between low and high tourist seasons. Meals are $ 7 for all you can eat. They also told me that they offer “vegetarian jet-friendly, but a lot of vegan” foods.

In one of the most well-kept homes in Hawaii (the hotels are highly polluted), the host is not a bug fix, but a clean, well maintained, great place to make friends with everyone around the world, especially around mid-October to March.

Honolulu Hosts

Host International Honolulu – This safe and clean host is located 8 miles from the airport and from the University of Hawaii in the Green, Lower Manu Valley. It is a good idea to be on the bus route, since there is only two parking spaces and less space on the street.

This is in a quieter neighborhood than Waikiki, but note that there are more college students, so it may not be as private and quiet as you would like. It's about 30 minutes walk to Waikiki.

If you arrive late for a flight and have a reservation, they will leave you a note in the directions to your room and make you see them the next morning. The hotel host will show applicants, a shared kitchen, living room, lounge and barbecue, laundry room and pay phone (instead of a hotel phone for saving money), as well as discounts on local services. Traveling trails like airport taxi, restaurants, boarding gear and airport. There is also a library with reference materials in Hawaii.

Non-members drop $ 20 to $ 23 a night in one pot (for men and women). However, a couple can spend between $ 50 and $ 56 per night in a private room and ask about group and family accommodations.

Host International WaikikiLocated just a block from the Whiskey beach, this guest host is International Honolulu. It is available on the bus route and has many similar features as well as $ 5 a day parking, while DSL offers the Internet for a fee. Because this is in Waikiki, rates are high, but the host is large and crowded.

Rates include $ 25 to $ 28 per night for a non-member, and $ 58 to $ 64 per room per room. Call them if you are traveling with a family or a group. (They are very polite). Taxes included.

Hawaiian hosts vary greatly in environment and friendliness, so check out reviews before selecting one as you do more research. In addition to the hotels in Owa, you can find the best hotels on Maui, Quebec and Hawaii's Big Island.