Top 10 reasons to be a flight attendant

That's what happened to me. I have been in the industry for 9 years and I say it for that! Many people consider it a safe, convenient, and fastest way to fly. As a result, high demand for workforce has been found in the aviation industry. Now, if you're a new graduate and think about joining that field, it's too late to change your mind. There are flight attendant training courses when you are hired on an airplane or if you can do what I have done. I applied and got in! It was a good command, with a confident smile and a good command of English. Don't forget a good posture and reasonable height.

I can say that my flight attendant feels more at work than at work. Here are some more reasons to choose to become a flight attendant.

Have you ever seen staff working in the cabinet before heading to the airport for a traumatic family? They can't help but turn your head. why? You want to know if they're cute or cute, right? They expect to be. They should be physically pleasing because you will see them for most of your flight. The airline facilitates the budget to conduct interviews, recruit candidates, train and treat them as flight attendants. In the interview process, they are primarily selected for their beauty, height and weight. Secondly, it is their ability to communicate. The third is their work ethic. If you do not meet these three criteria, you will be guaranteed the beauty and majesty of the airline image. On behalf of the company you have a responsibility to make you feel good. Every time you put on your uniform, you will be examined, so smile and be proud.

Always the love of God like a laser. You may have seen a few weight pilots, but I'm sure, most of us have the right body weight. For 14 hours, we have to stand for 3 hours, walk and talk for 9-10 hours, and sit for one or two hours depending on passenger load. You can imagine the workload and the physical challenges we have put in place. It's like a 13 hour workout in the gym!

Be the first helper. I'm sure you've had an accident before you have a mild nose to heart disease. what did you do? Call for help? Help? Or is it just out? Don't be shy if you don't know what to do. First aid can be learned. As a flight attendant, a chapter will be set up on how to save human life in your career. It will be very important not only when you are at work, but throughout your life.

Not a diver? Although they point to Middle Eastern airlines that do not have much water in their area, it is still important to know how to live in open water. If your plane is stolen, you can save yourself and your passengers if not in hope. Again, this skill will be useful not only in your professional career as a flight attendant, but also during your vacation in Hawaii.

Getting close to airplanes so where do you go after you check in? No idea. Ask the staff you are in. Where do they go after refugees? Again, you have no idea. Ask an immigration officer. You never know which door to go to. Ask one of the guys who goes for a uniform. very good! You got it. So, in the end, before you start your journey, you still feel very calm to adjust to the right door. To achieve this smooth experience, it is recommended that you check in at least 4 hours before your international flight and 3 hours if you fly home. But, as someone familiar with and out of the airport, I was able to check out 2 hours before my international flight and an hour and a half before I was home. Or, they can be a frequent flyer flying like flying flies.

Solar radiation and solar radiation at an additional land level of 36,000 FT. I'd love to surprise you when the sun comes up or the beaches or the top of a mountain. But when you are 36,000 feet high, have you ever seen the horizon? Life is beautiful and living will make you a blessing.

Never pay for bad BAGGAGE. This is only a small part of our privacy but if you are a flight attendant you will get this right. Extremely smiling, it pays to have a badge announcing that you're an unforgiving face and a flight attendant.

Learn primary service. If you are involved in the service industry it pays to know how to interact with your customers as much as possible. They show professionalism and honesty in what you do. It indirectly makes you a property and elevates the image of a company that you have matured with your service provider.

Beware of Over-Introduction Yes, the work is dangerous. Yes, workload is heavy. Because they are getting paid. If you can manage stress and still be able to stay on track, you're on the road to big banks! The first reason you need to be a flight attendant is to get it

There are endless possibilities to travel and explore. Due to the cost of air travel and accommodation costs, many people are prohibited from traveling. With you, just board your flight, stay in the hotel after work, jump on the bus and see the world!