Pani Pop – Sweet and sticky Samoa coconut buns for Hawaiian Louisa

Pani pop The sweet and sticky composition that came from Samoa in the South Pacific Islands is a cultural name. The rabbit is soft and doughy and baked in a delicious sweet cocoa sauce. When planning a Hawaiian or any tropical party, it's the perfect choice.

This recipe makes up to 25 small cakes.

You need it

5 to 6 1/2 cups all purpose flour

1 packet yeast, 7g (ano)

2 1/2 cups milk

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp butter 30g (1oz)

1 tsp salt

Canola oil

In a bowl, mix half the flour with the yeast.

Heat the milk, butter and salt in the soup pan until the heat is hot and the butter melts. Add this to the flour mixture and beat with an electric skillet at low speed for 30 seconds after stirring.

Start to add the rest of the flour as it is not easy to pull but is dry. Bake on a lightly covered surface for 10 minutes.

Roll around to make sure the dough is covered and roll the dough into a large ball position. Cover with a tea towel and let it rise for up to 45 minutes, such as in an oven over hot water or in a hot water bowl at the bottom of the shelf or even in the back window. The car.

Shake the flour and roll into the balls.

Place the balls in an unmarked baking tray, cover and stir for another 10 minutes.

To make a pot now:

2 cans of coconut milk

ባ cup sugar

Simply combine coconut cream and sugar and pour over a pot.

Bake at 190 ° C (375 ° F) for 20 minutes.

Important note If the plate is not large enough, the dish will be sprayed and sprayed, and use two baking sheets if needed. Always place a tray under the baking tray to catch any sewage. This will save you a lot of cleanliness later.


Scuba Diving Safety

There are four cookie water purifiers that I think are important for the security of your cupcake. I decide to join me on every ocean trip and live action adventure in Asia that I do. My experience in the water showed me that these life-saving tools are important to these and your life-long helpers.

Safety Sofia, this floor marker is one of the cheapest peripherals you can buy in addition to black noise, which is nice to have, but these are usually standard devices on BDD today. The peace salad can be seen even in the beaches of long distances with an unobstructed eye. Today, there are trademarks that incorporate the glow of the evening, which shine a very bright light whenever it is struck by any kind of light.

Burning LED, especially since it's long gone, LED lighting. If you are sliding at night, you can attract trains, helicopters or planes. Certainly if a search is made for you at night, you will increase your chances of being seen. I always keep it in my pocket when I look for holes for the little commentators on dry water, so I find that I use a lot in my pocket light, always out in the back of my mind, and go out at night.

I remember a knife in Cambodia One time while I was joking with a group, I was separated, I was getting into a very large and invisible "Phantom Network" as I was walking to the chosen place! I had a hard time getting out of the fire if it bothered me to stick.

I have a friend who works fishing nets along the shores of Hawaii, and when he does this at night, they swim naked to reduce the chance of catching anything, which happens to this type of fisherman.

Dave Computer, they are cheap today and last for years. Why rely on the old analog gauges on the log and charts of this important rain gear fragment, which is so important to those who come in at less than a dollar a dollar, much more calculating and not surprising? The corners are something you don't want to enjoy, if you have a computer computer, it will tell you exactly where you parked on your rainstorm if you have a proper computer and when you freeze, you can safely rest on your planned rainfall.

Let's review it

Even if you can get a glow in the light, you can find it in a safe sofa, cheap and easy to see on the open ocean.

Use night as a signal to attract boats, helicopters and search planes.

Dave's knife uses fishing nets and fishing nets that they can suddenly find.

A diver computer can prevent you from catching respiratory infections (DCI)

Remember to plan your water leak, dive into your plan and be ready with the right water pump.


Hawaii Mazzu Beach

Located on the north side of Maywa Valley on the Farrington Highway, it is a white sandy beach unknown to tourists. However, in 1965, he served as the editor-in-chief of the 1965 film "Hawaii," by Julie Andrews.

The nickname "Twin Pines" is a pocket between two forests, one mile long by the sea. It has an interesting beach, the size varies from season to season. Although the beach is 200 feet wide, the elevation of the elevated beach has been reduced by winter. In summer, the sand stays and the beach expands.

Like many other beaches, the coast of Mazwa, the Mazzua beach is characterized by dangerous shops, especially in winter. This man is not protected by man-made river water or natural reefs. Heavy coastal cracks, high tide, long beaches, and ducks are not for the faint of heart or in-laws.

But in the calm, summer months, Mawaway Beach is a breathtaking area. An easy-to-see sandy beach entrance, 15 to 50 feet away, and the coastal beauty of Mazrua Beach is a treasure trove of marshes, dolphins, dolphins and humpback whales.

However, although he is a pristine, he is not fully described. On the coast, there is a rock in which the beaches gather in the 1960s. In those days, he had the phrase "wool for prayer" in which young supporters go to the sun and pray in a stormy atmosphere. One day, the locals were surprised to find themselves sprawled on the rock carved "Pray for Sex". The signs were not reliable, and the phrase stuck. Rock is called "Pray for Sex" and Mawa Beach is locally called "Pray for Sex."

Services and Services No life-goers, no resources

5 unique things about Macau Beach

  • The Nana and Cave, south of the coast, was named after the God of Hawaii. In the first myth, the cave was the womb from which man was born.
  • Mawaway Beach is the setting for James5itchener's 1965 movie "Hawaii" star Julie Andrews.
  • The beach has two nicknames: "Twin Pinnacle" and "Pray for Sex" Beach.
  • In Hawaiian Mazzu means "parent".
  • According to Hawaiian songs, Mazwa is home to gods and demigods.

The perfect wedding destination for you

Bermuda wedding

As life changes, Bermuda's amazing qualities persist: the sunny beaches, the lonely caves, the nights of tree frogs and, everything here is beautiful. Just a short flight from the East Coast cities, Bermuda has no casinos, no fast restaurants, and quietly beaches of purple beaches.

Hawaiian wedding

Hawaii's wedding crystal crystal clear ocean waters and volcanic flow rise to the highest mountains and waterfall crashes. Hawaii weddings are planning many weddings in space, sandy festivals, beautiful beaches and lots of unique resorts. All these people make Hawaii feel like they are the most romantic place in the world.

Mexican marriage

Mexico has a little bit of everything – from four- and five-star hotels to amazing surprises. It’s not just about the beach – you don’t want your guests to miss the dead-end Avenue of Mexico City from the ruins of the Mexican Peninsula to the Mexican-Gulf, to Mexico-street.

Irish wedding

Ireland is a world famous wedding destination. Graves, wild and black ducks, from the beaches off the coast to Bree prison at 900 miles away, Ireland are never perfect. But these intriguing elements give drama and color to all Irish weddings.

Tahiti Islands wedding

In recent years, the Tahiti Islands have been on a paradise earth for couples seeking love. Now, they are also perfect for a destination wedding. It's been in the air ever since you set foot on the islands. All the people in Tahiti and the island are an emotional paradise to create magical romantic memories that will last a lifetime. It is easy to restart the signature fire, including the Pineapple Canon Breakfast, the personal death picnic, and of course the traditional Polynesian wedding ceremony.

Colorado wedding

Colorado has amazing landscapes that look like a backdrop for destination weddings. In Colorado Roads, you can dive in the mountains, but there are still facilities and services in New York that even compete with the most luxurious hotel. , Here is where you can have a guest party in a group home, right here for your wedding.

Bahamas wedding

Shortly off the coast of Florida, the beautiful Bahamas offers everything from choosing a 24/7 happiness to generalized happiness to couples, freight, paradise, and Grand Baha Island or low-key. You have over 700 Bahamas islands located on the islands of the Islands. Although hotels with destination access are available only by hand. All of the Bahamas islands are called sandy beaches, which allow them to take clean, clean water to beaches at weddings.


Family Cruise Discounts Overview – Popular cruise lines, destination destinations and activities

Shipping costs are becoming more affordable for the average family. It also helps to offer free or discounted tickets to children under a certain age, which varies from company to company. There are a variety of reasons why family cruise deals are so popular, allow passengers to see and explore interesting places, each passenger gets a warm, clean bed and daily basic food supplies. Fun activities and viewing opportunities. All of this is usually included in a standard price.

There are also children's programs. Family-friendly cruises offer programs designed by certified professionals and youth consultants. However, not all travel is equally family-friendly. For example, there is more room for different activities on larger ships. It is worth exploring parents in Alaska who want their children to have educational experiences. There are many exciting and educational opportunities on the ship and on land cruises.

Thanks to temples, including Costa Rica, temples, swimming, exploring the rainforest, wildlife viewing, etc. are popular with the whole family. Zip-cover in the jungle

Other fun places to sail aboard are the Hawaiian Islands, the Galapagos Islands and Mexico's Kozmel, the Maya ruins, and any Disney cruise ship.

Other things to keep in mind when looking for family vacation deals

Another important factor to consider when comparing family shipment deals is the city of release. In fact, whether there is an east coast, a west coast or a beach, there are ports in every coastal city, and there are ships going to Hawaii and Alaska. Popular cities include Boston, Gallison, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Port Cana veal, Vancouver, and Seattle. No matter how much a family budget, you should have the closest port to reach, whether by car or short flight to the nearest coast.

The cheapest time to take a cruise is in the autumn, especially in September and October. This can only be for children who are not in school if parents are not allowed to skip a few days.

Even the best family ship agreements do not include every last expense. When looking at the budget, parents should take into account additional drinks such as soft drinks, chilled tea, milk, etc. Disney Cruises include at least unlimited milk, juice and caffeine. For preparation only, families are advised to use adjustable water tanks.

Go online to compare family cruise deals. Not only do you get great discounts for the whole family, but you also get excellent customer service. You can also find online discounts to help you save on other travel areas like air travel, activities, car rental, etc.


I stayed in the rainbow

Last April I fell on a flight of stairs and broke my right arm. I have nerve damage and I'm not sure I will use my whole hand again. There is more to an artist than I can handle without using the right hand. I am now drawing and I am looking for things I do not know before I fall and I wrote this poem in honor of the new and celebrated discoveries.

"I'm in the rainbow"

I came to find myself

You want to lift it

And yet

I began to smell the ground.

I stayed there for hours

Brown first

Examining the resources

Before that

I walked only on my feet.

I pointed my finger

It went into a small hole.

I hope I get it

Something different

I didn't know before.

Oh, I found myself in a hurry

As the ant came out of the cave

One ant, one small ant

Treasure, and

It's a focus in my day.

He became like everyone else

I've seen it before

because of

I chose to draw my attention

Stop by

Listen to life and life

Vague noise.

Reflections in the pond

Above the small holes of ants

I jumped to fit the trip.

Who knew a lake would open?

Magic with my own smile.

I found myself a host

Up to a thousand tiny angels

And one afternoon they found comfort.

I woke up the whole universe

And roses

I blew a glittering breeze.

I was thirsty to touch the dew on the roses

Store everything they say

They found solace in their voices

The sun, as they are filled with moisture

Until a very happy day.

I stood in the rainbow

The colors met my skin.

Going out of my head

Solving Past Oppositions

I received the call of miracles

And he stood back to watch them grow up.

20 October 2006



Go to a place where the cruise is low

Have you noticed that world travelers have easier times to make their travels easier than people who go on your honeymoon? think about. They would save months, maybe years, for that trip to Hawaii. The next person is back from Singapore, and will be heading to Australia in a few weeks. Why is that?

You need to be flexible to save money. If you make your heart work at a certain point in time, you will lose your flexibility, and you will pay more for the privilege you want to get it right. On the other hand, if you only want to travel to a new place, you have the opportunity. You can go anywhere with lower prices.

Just like everyone on discounted sites like Expedia, Travelocity and Priceline, everyone knows it. What many people don't realize is that the six older carriers – United, United Airlines, USA, Delta, Northwest and Continental – regularly offer a variety of special fares. Only Using their own websites. (To be fair, Alaska air is also a staple carrier, but the specialty market works differently. We're talking about just the six listed above.)

One is the discount type Last minute discount. The biggest cost to flying a plane is the fuel it takes to get it off the ground and keep it there. Flights will not be canceled because they are under the system, but each seat will be lost to airline revenue. It's better to fill a seat than to hold one, so airlines will put prices on other seats that are empty to get in people.

But it's narrow. If a flight is popular, get a ticket at the last minute costs More Instead of the usual. They do not know if the flight will be popular or until a few days before it is scheduled to depart. Therefore, every week – usually Tuesday – airlines publish discounted prices for the last minute of the week.

Last-minute discounts are always based on startup And To find out where you can go, find an airport or airport that you can easily fly. Be sure to read the terms. Past minute hobbies are free of charge and generally require you to leave and return on certain days (though not at specific times). A typical local weekend trip wants to leave Saturday or Monday with a return. International last-minute prices can operate from Thursday to Monday or Friday through Tuesday.

The airline also offers Promotional Discounts On rates that want to attract attention. If an airline has recently added an exciting new route or cover, it's a great way to get the word out about special travel deals. Promotional prices help planes fill out spaces for off-season destinations. For example, the United States always supplies German specials for the winter, but in hot-weather destinations they are discounted in the summer.

Restrictions on promotional prices vary but may be more variable than minutes. There is always a requirement to buy on a particular day and travel within a certain time. Outside the United States, most promotional prices have a minimum required stay at the destination (from Saturday night to European access to one week). And of course, these are irrevocable prices.

Getting special payments takes a while. Specialists are published on the airlines' & # 39; websites, which means you need to visit each one to see all the options. You can reduce that a little bit by focusing on the major airline in your area, but you might miss out on a really good deal.

For travelers traveling to see the world – especially those who are often busy over the weekend – discounts can make the best use of discounted prices by introducing new places you might never have thought of until you had the chance. To see them. If we are talking about prices or destinations, remember that some good things in life are relatively unclear.


Cheap Holiday Discounts Guide – What to Expect When Finding Travel Discounts Online

When most people think of vacation, "cheap" is often not the first word that comes to mind. Thankfully, this type of design will not be available forever, as airline, shipping costs, and hotel prices are increasing from time to time. By typing the information into a search engine, it may have a cheap vacation deal for the average person.

It doesn't matter what kind of vacation you want, or if you want to go somewhere should have some sort of agreement. Use online budget travel sites to search for flights and hotels on the days you plan to travel. If you're flexible, take a few moments with the days to see what the cheapest deals are. You will have the option of connecting airports and hotel shelves individually or together. You can also throw a car rental on the mix and write all three at the same time.

According to experts, there are often holiday packages to look out for, such as "Holidays for less than $ 500," "Long weekend decorations," "family breaks," last-minute deals, etc. At the last minute, within a week of the trip.

Where to go? Interested in popular US destinations like Orlando, San Diego, Seattle, NYC, Chicago, or New Orleans? A special beach vacation in the Caribbean or Hawaii? Cruise? European cities like London, Dublin, Paris, and Madrid? What about exploring Japan? Traveling around the world has never been more affordable or easy. Just keep your passport and see recent deals.

Cheap holiday vacation subscriptions

Many online travel sites now offer membership packages that include opportunities to receive every dollar you spend on airplanes, hotel rooms, ships, packages and more. These points can be purchased for free travel after you have accumulated enough. If you plan to travel a lot in the future, becoming a "plus" member for business and yourself is a smart idea.

Hotel and airline industries often work together to encourage people to travel more by offering discounted rates. People are more likely to buy a plane ticket if they can get a big discount on a beautiful hotel and vice versa. As mentioned above, car rental companies sometimes participate in these deals.

Because many hotel rooms and seats are only available on an airplane, many cheap vacation deals only last for a short time, so if you happen to have an amazing bonus, make your decision quickly.

Read the online hotel reviews to find out what others are saying when looking at cheap vacation services. View a map to know exactly where the hotel is. Use an online coupon to get more savings on your trip.



While in business, I had the opportunity to travel on Hawaii Avenue, 61, at Hawaii. I had a few hours to kill before my flight so I went to the back of the island behind Hullu, just behind the cohole.

I was running short so I looked at the map and headed back to the center of the Cola Olau area, which is not possible to the center and then to the airport. The sky covered the high altitudes all day long, but when the sun began to fall down toward the sky, the clouds were breaking.

The Hawaiian mountains are amazing, they go straight up and down, creating an unstoppable barrier to transportation. At that time, the islanders created a footpath that crosses seemingly impossible cliffs and Pali can be subdivided into the canal, transporting sugar, bananas, rice, fish, pigs, poultry, and other products to the mountain markets. .

This road was surprisingly narrow and slippery. The Hawaiians took it easy, but foreigners feared their way too, fearing their mortal fate. May In 1845 the road was elevated to 6 feet, with a stone and horse-drawn stone expedition, and a rock slide emerged. May By 1897 the road had been blown up to 20 feet wide and turned all sorts of hills and straight hills.

The expansion has allowed him to drive chariots and climb mountains. Traveling on the road was always tricky, and the riders were always cunning, as they were faced with the strongest winds as they climbed up and down steep cliffs. The old road was 8% and 8800 feet long.

The modern route that passes through the Noun Pali Caves was built in 1957 and is now a highway that travels thousands of cars daily and up the mountain. As I walked through the hallways on the side of the Hullulou, I saw the "Pal Iloquay" sign, so I decided to explore it.

He is walking through the jungle to the spine leading to the viewpoint at the top of the mountain, and to the park, and a short path to PALI overview. I parked my car and climbed out of Honolulu to see the steep cliffs that go down the coast.

It was a spectacular view in all directions, as the sun was coming out of the clouds at selected land and sea points, as something to look for. Smoke, as clear as the clouds of the sky, with bright, bright green peaks above the horizon. As I looked down at the height of the high oceans, the wind blew me violently after the ocean voyage and this time when it was forced into the mountains and fell into these hills.

When he was beautiful, this place had a bad feeling for him. Later I learned that there were many hidden stories related to the old Paley Street. After leaving the viewing point on my way back to Hullulou, I stood on the side of the road, to admire the magnificent vistas of the surrounding vineyards and the picturesque Hawaiian forests.

It is when I think of the stories of Menenne or the "little ones" I heard. Apparently, there is a legend in Maine in Maine. These tiny people live in the jungles of Hawaii and come out only at night. Since they are the main developers, it is said that they can build complex structures overnight.

Many Hawaiians are afraid of manning and avoid forests. Manning and the Hawaiian Islands were the first settlers to date from about 0-400 AD. They are said to be descendants of the Marquesas Islands. The Tahitians lived in the 1100s. They invaded Hawaii, and, according to legend, brought Menneein into exile in the forests.

As I walked through the forest in search of giant tree species and species that I knew nothing about, I thought of my secret and even though they were exiled to the forest … I thought this was a fun and mystical place. It's not such a bad place to be fired.

Who knows if the legend is true… One thing is for sure, Hawaiian Street 61 is a remarkable change from the palm trees that people are most familiar with. From Pali's perspective, the rotating views are amazing. If you visit the rear of the island – eat Hanama Bay, Sandy Beach, or any other interesting places, skip the H3 Freeway on the way to Hullu and try Pali Highway instead. They will not be disappointed.


Create your dream wedding honeymoon wedding

Hawaii and the Caribbean are a popular choice for a honeymoon wedding, especially for a winter wedding. The main advantage of getting a honeymoon trip to Hawaii or the Caribbean for your honeymoon vacation is to see not only one of the cruise lines but also many of these wonderful islands.

The Honeymoon Reviewer Guide has made Hawaii a dream honeymoon as a first destination and a spectacular beach, white sandy beaches and colorful Hawaiian honeymoon to commemorate their own fun honeymoon destination. The honeymoon is equally attractive to the Caribbean and is a very short flight to Europe for Miami. A quiet beach, a luxury cruise vacation, is a great way to spend the first few weeks with guaranteed sunshine and almost every harbor.

It is very easy to spend a honeymoon with one of the honeymoon packages. Many cruise lines also offer wedding arrangements. It is useful to compare the various options and choose the best value for you. Some cruise lines offer all-inclusive honeymoon cruises, including popular additions to champagne in the backyard. Carnival Cruises offer the perfect wedding cake for those taking a honeymoon vacation with flowers, chocolates and gardening decorations. However, two tables are pretty limited. Celebrity Cruises offers packages for extra pay, which includes breakfast in bed, champagne, payrolls, flowers, bathtubs and chocolates.

Holland America Online has many honeymooners on the ship, which hosts many honeymoon parties on the beach, and couples receive a honeymoon certificate. The package also includes a photo frame that captures flowers and silver. In luxury honey fields, as you would expect from this specialist, tables are protected by two.

Although sailors have up to 3000 passengers on board, honeymooners can easily find their own quiet space. Upgrading your cabinet may be part of some honeymoon packages. With your own private balcony, table and sun lounges, room under the stars is the perfect place to enjoy a private dinner or enjoy the quiet spaces of the sunset. Indoor salons have a comfortable seat and you can have space for yourself almost every day. Days means the harbor can also enjoy relatively peaceful sailing.

Another great addition to the honeymoon is the wonderful Spanish treatments on board, but you need to book in advance. Enjoy a relaxing massage or treat your loved one as a surprise treat. A cruise ship has all the latest technology that offers in-depth features, excellent Swedish scents, warm stone treatments and refinement. The most expensive but valuable commentary is the whole deal.

The sunny days of the Caribbean Islands are a great opportunity to massage a relaxed couple on the beach in a private cabin. The gentle breeze, the vibrant palm leaves and the gentle waves are all part of this exciting experience.

Living where you choose to visit your dream honeymoon cruise is sure to be a great start in life.