The secrets of how the authors can sell books with thousands of organizations for incentive programs


You Assistant authors or the author himself? Or turn you into selling marketing book business organizations? You should.

Once outside the bookstore, you can sell not only one book at a time, but also thousands of books at the same time. You want to take advantage of these powerful strategy if you …

  • Assistant to the authors, regardless of your name: Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant Author, Book coach, shepherd Book, Internet Manager Business, author and assistant
  • Published author who wants to help more people due to higher sales of books
  • Published coach, consultant, speaker and coach who wants katapultavats your reputation and open up opportunities to sell other products and services
  • Published author who wants to make sur & # 39; serious money selling the book at the same time thousands
  • Published author with disappointing sales of the book, which wants to recover their investments in your book
  • The author, who goes out alone, who wants to use the best sale for the acquisition of additional sales channels or publishing
  • The author, who is willing to upgrade an existing book, but to sell the remaining inventory of the current version, to help finance the upgrade
  • The author, who tends to seek direction on what the book will be an attractive market
  • The author, who begins to look for, you will be much more successful if you plan in advance how and to whom you sell the book before and during its creation

Why do the authors give up on selling books: Book Trap – Boxes of books where there is no place

If the author like most, the process of writing and publishing a book was a painful experience: no matter whether samavydacha was, the author had the opportunity to give a traditional publisher or publishing house chose to order. It took much longer and harder than ever anticipated.

Further, the author may have experienced a "postpartum blues" separation anxiety that comes when the book finally "put", a vague feeling of emptiness.

Once the author has returned my life to some semblance of normalcy, the day came when they faced the full awareness. Books are not sold in large numbers. The author has boxes of books that sit in the garage or basement, an office, a warehouse somewhere. Of course, some books were sold at events, or a dozen here and there to sign books and such. But at this rate, the author in the field of storage more than in construction practice practice!

The author begins to wonder: "What is the point to create a book to help people and promote yourself, if no one ever sees it What's the point to take away time from my customers or other work to do book signing, only to sell only a dozen or so books for the event? "

Since the books are not going to sell itself, the author may have put some effort to find out what marketing and distribution business are trying to break into the bookstore, only to find it all archaic, complicated and frustrating. Perhaps she even got to the bookstore or two. But the book did not move, as the book there's no telling.

"I do not have time for this!" Perhaps the author said at one point. "This is not how I want to spend my life!"

But in fact, if you sell books, it depends on the author.

Welcome to the bookstore store.

You are not alone. The vast majority of authors publishing a disappointing experience. At the summit, The Book Standard Summit 2005 to Nielsen BookScan reported that 93% of books sold in the retail trade in 2004, sold less than 1000 copies!

And do not let the publishers themselves. In general, the average samavydadenaya book sells about 250 copies! (Of course, it is possible to publish their book when it probably would not have been published otherwise.)

The problem is that most of the authors and independent publishers are guided almost exclusively on attempts to get his books in a bookstore. Even if you will first passes the fee if your marketing efforts will not force people to the bookstore to buy a book in large numbers for the first 30 days, the books will be returned. Bookstores return about 60% of total order books !!!

But there is good news

Here's the fact that I ask you to focus on how to get out of the trap of bookstores selling fewer than 1,000 copies: According to a report in February 2005 by the Association of American Publishers, about $ 23.7 billion books sold in 2004, only 45% were sold through bookstores, the most competitive and difficult to penetrate the channel for selling books. This means that in the non-food stores have to sell more books than in stores !!!

Thus, if you learn how not to be depending on the bookstore sales, again you take advantage of the majority of the book market (55%) !!!

Thus, the answer is?

One of the most powerful strategies to enable the market to non-book bookstore & # 39 is the sale of a large number to be used as incentives to organizations of books, the books of a billion dollars on the business market of gifts and incentives $ 46 billion.

What? stimulate the market lies in the fact that part of the sales neknigarni consists of organizations – corporations, associations, charitable organizations, etc. – who buy books to use as an incentive (gift) to customers and prospects, or as an incentive for employees or channel partners. (Some people use the term "premium" to distinguish the impetus for a product That is, in order to distinguish them from the cash, trips, etc.). If these organizations are buying the book, they bought it in 1000 & # 39; 10 thousand, even 100 thousand.

A study conducted by the Association of Incentive Marketing ( among a wide spectrum of companies, showed that 82% of them have used the product or travel as an incentive. More importantly, they reported that 80% of success in achieving their goals.

Your customers & # 39; Book or your book is a candidate for the promotional sale?

If your fantastic book provides qualitative information, if it inspires and entertains, if it is well designed and composed, she will be a candidate. Any corporation, association or other non-profit group, which corresponds to the target audience of your book, and that management believes that your book has a positive impact on the value of its brand, with & # 39 are potential candidates.

How big are these promotional offers?

  • As an incentive to join them condensed book club Reader & Digest issued 750,000 copies of Judith King. The largest leadership gift.
  • Grosseto and Dunlop offered Books Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys how samaadchuvalny (breakeven) stimulus at 20 million boxes of cereal "Post Raisin Bran", which led to the sale of more than a million books!
  • RJ Reynolds has distributed 1.5 million copies The Big Trail Road Atlas as a package (included in the package) promotional offers on Marlbarasa boxes to promote the image of man Marlbara.

Or is such a big deal?

No …

  • USA acquired 2000 copies west Conversation with customers to thank our advertisers Yellow Pages
  • Before the date of the publication of Kenneth Blanchard sent copies Who moved my cheese for corporate executives. Bank of Hawaii purchased 4000, Mercedes Benz 7000 and 27000 South.000 Airlines.
  • Judy Dugan sold 5,000 copies of the book self, Santa Barbara Highlights and history , In Santa Barbara Bank who gave a copy of every customer who has come to a new office

The average size of the proposals

According, the majority of sales of books as incentives starting with 5000 the number of books and goes from there. At least 5,000 people have benefited from being able to have the knowledge in hand, and each of them tells about this, maybe even 5 +.

And if you personally have received a net profit – after production and delivery costs, which are covered by the buyer – in the amount of $ 2 per book is $ 10,000

$ 2 per book = 20 000 dollars

$ 4 per book = $ 40,000

What if they wanted 30,000 copies of your books or more? Such transactions take place all year round.

Thus, giving things clients How many organizations use incentives?

There is currently a list of "ways". In a 2003 study at Louisiana State University and business research Glenroy 2000 common random dystryb & # 39; yutarav promotional products posted the use of promotional products in different kinds of programs:

Category of use

  • Business gifts: Gifts to promote goodwill and retain customers
  • Relations with employees and events: Morale and motivation, corporate / supratsovnitskiya activities focus employee organizational commitment / corporate identity, corporate communications, training of employees (excluding security) staff referral programs
  • exhibition: traffic generation
  • Awareness of the brand: Raising awareness of the brand and brand loyalty
  • Awards to employees: Jubilee recognition, job awards, etc.
  • Program dealers / dystryb & # 39; yutarav: Encourage dealers, cooperative programs, branded shops
  • Public Relations: Corporate interaction with the community, fundraising, sponsorship assistance, school programs, media relations, corporate image
  • The new generation of client / account: A new client or a new generation of bills
  • Domestic stocks: Encouraging sales, TQM / quality programs, productivity, reduced inventory, reduced errors, increased attendance
  • New Product / Service Introduction: Introduction of a new product or service
  • Safety Education / Promotion: Safety and education of employees
  • Non-profit Program: non-commercial use to raise funds, Public information campaigns (health, environment, public safety, etc.)
  • Client Types: Incentive programs for customers directions
  • Market research: Marketing studies, research and programs for participation in the focus groups

Thus, the author how great benefits from the sale of this market?

You be the judge:

  • This is likely to be The best thing that you do to promote your practice and other products and services. Success provides greater exposure, credibility, pride and self-confidence
  • In contrast to the book store channels, you have little or no competition! Since the authors and independent publishers do not understand the market, organizations are very few suggestions, if any. Present yourself professionally and convincingly (with the help of tools that I'll give you), and you have a great chance to get a comment and review
  • Sales on the market there are incentives is fully compatible with any other marketing or distribution program that you do. And it does not matter if you yourself were published, we used the traditional publisher or a POD publisher (more below).
  • You can continue the program Even if your book is not yet published. If in some cases it may even be an advantage
  • Pabuduyuchy of sales of books, you open the door to other opportunities – traditional publishers, literary agents, and other distribution channels, partners, and customers. He only opens other doors for you, and they do not have closing
  • he has high return on invested time (ROTI). For the amount of time that you have invested in, say, the establishment and conduct of the six book signing – where you could sell a maximum of dozens of books – you can create a few opportunities to sell 1,000 books.
  • Unlike books sold bookstores books, which are sold as a stimulus, do not come back. Do not be surprised, as you will come back, especially in damaged condition
  • Sales on the market there are incentives Fast Payment. Although bookstores usually pay 90 days or so, the majority of incentive sales not only requires a deposit of up to 50% – which, incidentally, is to reimburse your costs of printing, so you do not have a pocket printing costs – and the payment of the balance within 30 days from the date of delivery. This not only allows you to recover their investment in the edition of the book, but allows you to invest in all the other things you want to do to create your practice
  • Once you have a contract of sale or a purchase order for mass sale, you can put it on an offset printer get production costs down. If you are self-published, it dramatically increases the profit. If you use a traditional publisher, publishing costs reduces the cost, so it can bring you more money, but it will help to make a deal, as the lower cost of printing allows us to offer the customer a more attractive offer.
  • While offset printer prints books for a buyer, you can get it to print additional copies, which you can use to execute orders from other sources. Significantly lower printing costs you earn more on each book that you sell to other sources

Thus, having a lot of amenities for the authors, and it is such a big market, why the market is not well-known authors and independent publishers?

  • Firstly, this is because formally organized channel for the convergence of buyers and sellers do not. Yes, there are a few stimulating exhibitions where buyers and sellers communicate, but few authors and independent publishers stack time and money to create a stand there.
  • Secondly, it is because Independent publishers – is first and foremost specialists of traditional bookstore. This is what they know. Few people know how to aim correspond to speak the language of marketing managers and human resources, that implement programs to promote organizations
  • Third, although some of the book marketing experts tell in their books, etc. the importance and the benefits of this market to the authors, this is usually a high-level overview, among many other topics, NOT specialized and detailed program

Why organizations like to use books as incentives?

Many good reasons:

  • Books, in general, a lot of a perceived value compared to most products with the inscription on the logo – things like notepads, paper weights, mouse pads for, etc.
  • Books are not released. They have a strong presence And, therefore, they provide an organization that uses their visibility within a certain period of time – and they love it!
  • The book is especially popular science book, allows an organization to be willing to help the recipient, since it provides useful information. it positive impact on the organization in a world where people have become quite cynical about the company's profitability
  • Each book is unique. Organizations like these things to distinguish them from the competition, that link to your brand personality and values ​​that they want to transfer
  • book has relatively easy and cheap to deliver because they are small and light. This saves money on the organization of a variety of other options
  • And last but not least, it is a book customizable. Organizations considering not only the book in its present form, but also how it can be customized to achieve their goals. This may be a sticker on the cover of a special offer that is loose, or paper band around the book with a special message. But in order to make to order 1000 books, it is definitely worth to a publisher or publisher to customize it to fit your needs. Especially if the client pays the tune!

Is useful to stimulate sales, regardless of the manner in which you have published?

So, with the qualification:

  • If you are self-published (it means that your number under the ISBN), you will be in a better position since you will earn more money and will have maximum flexibility. You can enter into any transaction that you decide to sign. And the difference between the selling price and the price for the publication of the book – all for you. This includes the use of a lightning source, the leading digital printer on demand
  • If you sell 5,000 books at a discount, the mass value of 7 dollars for each and it costs you $ 3 each, to make the amount of offset book printing (which is even Lightning Source is the broker for you), you earn $ 4 on each book. That's $ 20,000
  • In addition, you have 5000 books that create your reputation and attract clients to your practice in relation to your other products and services
  • If you use a traditional publisher, you will earn less money than samavydavets because you are again locked to the structure of royalties, which is in your publishing agreement.

At the same time the highest price – $ 7, you add an average of 10% from the $ 7.00 or $ .70 per book. You will earn $ 3500 per sale 5000 books. The publisher would retain the bulk of the profits.

However, the $ 3,500 from this one deal – it is much more than the average author receives from all book sales. Plus you get the exposure.

If you use a digital publisher that requires printing (label it under number ISBN), all depends on the agreement with discounts and royalties, which in your publishing agreement. Вы знаходзіцеся ў істотным мінусе, бо вы зачыненыя ў выдавецтве адносна высокай, аднаразовай лічбавай друкаванай структурай і адносна невялікай роялці ці камісіяй.

Звычайна вы не можаце прапанаваць пакупніку максімальную цану зніжак, паколькі большасць дагавораў на выданне POD не прадугледжвае масавых продажаў і не прапануе вялікія зніжкі на друк з вялікай колькасцю. Але зноў жа, вы зарабляеце больш грошай, чым вы, і вы зноў атрымліваеце экспазіцыю.

Заўвага: звярніцеся да выдаўца POD. Некаторыя з іх будуць друкаваць колькасць друку на афсетным прынтары. Але даведайцеся, за што яны бяруць плату, і калі яны зробяць выключэнне з пагаднення аб роялці.

Калі вы працуеце са староннім выдавецтвам, ці пойдзе ён разам з гэтай праграмай?

Большасць выдаўцоў абсалютна круцяцца ад навін пра вялікую продаж кніг. На самай справе, хочаце даведацца сакрэт? Незалежныя выдаўцы навукова-папулярных кніг часта цікавяцца нашай праграмай продажу кніг для сябе! (Можна нават пасадзіць насеньне.)

У рэшце рэшт, хто ведае лепш, чым яны, што ў сярэднім кніга прадаецца толькі 200 – 300 асобнікаў. Яны хочуць вярнуць свае інвестыцыі ў вашу кнігу і зарабіць грошы.

Калі вы выдавец балуецеся па гэтай незразумелай прычыне, прапануйце яму прачытаць гэтую старонку ці нашы FAQ. Паглядзіце, што можна дамовіцца. Калі ён / ён па-ранейшаму бальзакуе па нейкай незразумелай прычыне, шукайце новага выдаўца ў наступны раз.

Якія вашы варыянты маркетынгу на рынку кніг як стымулаў?

  • Калі вас апублікаваў буйны выдавец, аддзел "спецыяльных продажаў" можа захапіць яго
  • Вы можаце выставіць стэнд на выставе стымулявання галіны, дзе пакупнікі шукаюць стымулюючыя ідэі. Існуе шоў матывацыі на нацыянальным узроўні і шоў па дзяржаве.
  • Вы можаце рэкламаваць у сродках заахвочвання пакупнікоў
  • The Самым рэалістычным рашэннем для большасці аўтараў з'яўляецца самастойная праграма маркетынгу. Калі вы маеце неабходныя веды і інструменты, гэта патрабуе мінімальных навыкаў і сціплых укладанняў часу

Адно дакладна напэўна. Толькі адна заахвочвальная праграма можа выплаціць аўтару вялікія фінансавыя дывідэнды і катапультаваць яго кар'еру, як і некаторыя іншыя шляхі.


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