Bed and breakfast with breakfast from the sky

Well, some of you accommodation Bed & Breakfast missed a golden opportunity. I went to the websites of taverns, which were best known for the food, but no meals are not even mentioned. How can it be that awarded restaurant for their breakfast does not describe any breakfast? So I went to the site, who proudly described their dishes. Here are a few of them.

Buttonwood Inn is located in the small town of New Hampshire under the name North Conway, but nothing about their breakfast is not enough. They can start with a pumpkin-nut bread or apricot-orange scones, cinnamon rolls from maple, blueberry coffee cake and nut crumbs or warm fruit chips, granola, fresh fruit followed by a cold with raspberry sauce. This will be enough for me to breakfast, but the chef just warming up. Next is a spicy meal, mushroom-like sausage and cheese Cheddar layers, scrambled with goat cheese and onion Onion and fried potatoes red rosemary. Then comes the sweet dish: baked French toast casserole with Pecan and game-Maine blueberries. Or light Belgian waffles with fresh blueberries. Rejoice, Buttonwood.

Mission Oak Inn Henry, Illinois, offers some great dishes for breakfast, the French banana pancakes and fabulous blueberry pancakes, but it is their dinners brought to me attention. How about pizza with roasted chicken, onion and cheese on top of creamy dreamy sunny tomato sauce? Or tender meat medallions, filed in the cream, brandy, maple and mustard? Or grilled salmon on fresh greens with original sauce and decorated with bacon, green onions, Parmesan cheese and walnuts? Or pork tenderloin marinated in apple cider, grilled, and then lubricated homemade apple / peach chutney?

Then I had to catch Jane of Hawk Valley Retreat on the phone. When I asked about her most popular dishes, her voice was a secret and hot, and she had me with love led the list: German baked apple pancakes, French toast baked peach pancakes with compote of brown sugar / strawberry, green onion and Kish spinach browned and eggs Benedict with its own secret recipe sauce with hollandaise sauce. The names of her students did not bowl me. But, as she described every detail, every ingredient and spices, I know that cooking for her just fun, it's a great adventure. There is a difference. Jane – master simple baking.

Like many of the leading taverns, chef at Inn Bloomsbury use only fresh local farm products. I never expected that the hotel will be South Carolina is full of scientific talent. But they experimented with hundreds of dishes, and creativity of their choosing collects fantasy: hot apple soup, pear jam and baked peaches with roasted peanut rolls, eggs in formation test baked cinnamon and raisin French. croutons, toasted bacon-pekanski bread, homemade cookies with chocolate sauce pepper with praline and its own version of Eggs Benedict: a delicate sauce of black buckthorn, wilted spinach, peppers, ham, avocado and poached egg. Exquisite.

Sue from Harbor Ridge Inn in Oseze already knocked. She wrote to me of his choice, and I appreciated the personal attention. Sue serves as fruit cups in a martini glasses with white chocolate mousse, which she narazhae banana. Then she pours the strawberries soaked Chambord, with a depth of whip cream and mint for garnish. It is better to do Bloomsbury Inn, putting French toast with cinnamon-twist at the top of the whipped cream based quiche, accompanied by bread and sausage tender pears, carrots in red wine and orange juice. Another popular French Toast begins with fresh grilled pineapple slices, rustic ham, sliced ​​cheese. Add the bread from leaven in the dough soaked French toast, grilled and served with jam from strawberries-zhalapena. It also makes an egg casserole with a choice of fresh things, such as roasted red peppers, leeks, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, spinach, cubes, cheese and fresh basil and dill. I was amazed. Nice email.

Judge Porter House in Natchytohe (where?), Louisiana, not to be missed. First course judges may become dumplings peach or apple, bread pudding with warm maple sauce, seasoned peach crunch with coconut with pecan, apple brown Betty with vanilla yogurt, pecans and cinnamon or berries berry Pastry stuffed with fresh berries, replete with raspberry sauce, and top with whipped cream. The second course may include the delicious pancakes, waffles or French toast, but I showed these things in other reviews, so let me emphasize the egg dishes. In one dish with baked egg eggs presented with juicy mushrooms and cheese Francois dressed in chips from the Black Forest ham. Another favorite – this southwestern egg mixture baked in individual ramekinah and strewn with hearty salsa. Then there was the Queen Anne Kiche, but the chef is very much about this. Guess you'll have to visit the judge to check it out.

Two of the most attractive things that offer bed and breakfast – it's comfort, stay at a high price and great breakfasts. Look at these wonderful tavernas on the best breakfast ever.

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