The truth of the fall overboard cruise ship


As in any big city on a cruise ship at night you can see a few stars. Even if the black waters of the float with the black sky far from humanity, the ships themselves explode so much light pollution that can not see anything other than black. Exactly how and why stars are not visible from the surface of the moon.

I thought about it overnight, while the stern. Feed, port and starboard were black, impenetrable black. I knew beyond a bow orange glow of refineries illuminated points in the swamps of Louisiana. After all, we approached the mouth of the Mississippi River, which was caused by the proximity of navigational beacons of red and green colors that slip on the bumpy surface of the sea.

"What happens if I get over the side?" People asked me before.

It was such a common question, my answer has become a habit. "The ship will stop and the boat will pick you."

That was the truth, even if only half of it. I looked at the ship and watched the storm water. The waves looked very small from the upper deck. If a hundred foot drop has not killed a passenger, he fully disappear in the huge swell. Fortunately, it is unlikely that modern Azipod screws ground it in Kef, because the screw bolts are secure lower body rather than behind it. I almost wonder, or would be better to such a fate. Of course, faster and less frustrating than to be alone in the dark, desperately struggling to stay on top of the soft surface of the skin over the huge, incomprehensible to & # 39 volume unknown to you. Then you Stamitz, sink and become one with him.

Safety training was very clear in the case of a man overboard, first throw a lifeline, and then call the bridge. People believe that a life ring – it's just a flotation device, but it is actually much more. The man's head disappeared from view for a few seconds from the deck of a large ship. After throwing a life ring, we have learned to miss someone, someone to physically send to the swimmer and do not stop until he found, no matter how long it takes. This physical act of pointing to the & # 39 is a priority, because even if he is aware of the swimmer, it will be lost in less than a minute into the sea. But at night? And if no one can see how you fell?


In fact, this cruise who moved overboard. Rumors about how and why the passengers and crew were played. Leading the history of those two newlyweds argued and was a jerk. The crew thought otherwise. Another suicide, most agreed. On cruise aircraft is not uncommon. More than a few people deliberately spend their last penny in the last week and a wild throw, late last night, jumping overboard. What is the best way to make sure that no one will save you? How many people look at 3am in Suta? You can survive such fall, but it is unlikely you will be a fighter.

Although statistically insignificant completely, unexplained deaths occur on ships. Since most common in international waters, the obligation on the behavior and the behavior is obviously less than altruistic. Cruise lines always paint coverage, as people read the headlines, not the article. Let this be a suicide or not enough value for the critics who pounce on any hint of recklessness cruise lines. Even if it was suicide, the testing ground in the authorities can take days, even in the presence of the note. By the time the sensational headlines would have surprised the things out of proportion.

But any premature death – is a tragedy. This much is true. Everything must be investigated, and the ships are not sufficiently transparent. This is also true. But do we need to worry about the death on a ship? Here's what to ask. According to David Peykina with CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), between 2003 and 2012 was 59 killed in the ship & # 39; operations. This is 239 million passengers who sailed, excluding natural causes and without falling overboard.

59 out of 239 million.

Hmm …

In the period from 2003 to 2008, 108 people died from injuries in cattle in the United States, according to CDC (Centers for Control and Prevention). The population in the United States compared with the statistics – 240 million against 300 million, but it's like cows twice as likely to kill you on a cruise ship. In addition, these statistics cow is only five years old and this cruise refers to eight years. Even more surprising is that the random control of the road is not cow from the & # 39 is part of this statistic. Thus, the net nedabrazychlivasts cow Zab & # 39; e you twice as much as on the cruise. Am I frivolous? Of course. But humor – a great way to get rid of fear, especially fear of the irrational.

At the dark swamps of Louisiana cruise for no one knew exactly what had happened, what caused the mysterious death. The investigation in the end, it was decided somewhere in the land, as it always has. The only fact which the crew knew for sure is that the man has never been found, until a few days later he had not bathed in the Gulf Coast.

I focused on a floating piece of the fleet and watched him disappear into the night. I counted the time. Within fifteen seconds, it has lost the darkness.


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