18th and Vine – Kansas City jazz, baseball blacks, black archive, theater and soul


This hot spot is often called Jazz District KC, it extends from the 1920’s prosperity. Its attractions are listed below.
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American Jazz Museum (1616 E 18th item attached thereto K .; baseball museum below)

Variety of jazz music are displayed in an interactive mode through the headphones and the media. The history of jazz instruments and visiting large, for example, Count Basi, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Yardberd Parker and many others. 9.00-6.00 W-Sa; noon-18.00. Tickets are $ 10 for adults, $ 9 for seniors, $ 6 for children 5-12 years old. Tickets for the combo to both the museum for adults $ 15, seniors $ 13, children $ 8; Group also rates available.
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blue room (Part of the jazz museum above)

Legendary jazz club. Traditional jazz Wednesday with jams and visiting artists, both local and out of town. Soft drinks well. Opened in 17-11, on Monday, Thu, Fri, Sat Bookmark weekend. Poster has a schedule of entertainment.
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Negro Baseball Museum (1616, 18).

The history of popular Negro leagues of previous years. B & W films of outstanding players such as Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and Buck O & # 39; Neill. Moreover, Goose Tatum plays baseball before becoming Harlem globetrotter; he’s funny. The museum also has miniature golf with the status of real players. See information on hours and tickets for the jazz museum above.
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Theater gems (1615, 18).

Old theater of silent cinema transformed into a modern theater stage art with 500 seats with a stage. He holds concerts (eg, Jammin & # 39; in the Gem Series), public programs, educational festivals and theater / dance performances. It can also be reserved for private events.
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Black Archives of Central America (1722 E 17th St; a fairly new place)

Collects, preserves and makes available to the public materials that document the social, economic, political and cultural history of people of African descent in the United States and Kansas areas. It includes numerous collections, articles, newspapers and photos. 10.00-4.00 Th-W; or by a preliminary meeting on p. Studies are available in advance of the meeting.
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notable restaurants

Dani Big Easy (1601 18th st.). Serves kreale / Cajun / Louisiana Soul / food with jazz and blues on the weekend.

Barbecue Arthur Bryant (Brooklyn Ave. 1727). Sandwiches, plates, sides and sauces. 10 AM-9: 30 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 10 pm Wed-Fri, 11 o’clock to 20 o’clock.

Gates and Sons BBQ (1221 Brooklyn Avenue). Sandwiches, plates, sides and sauces. 10:00 the night every day until 1 am Fri-Sat

The soul of a delicious meal Papa Lew & # 39; s Soulious (2128 E 12th) Delicious home / southern breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffet style. 8 am to 7 pm Tue-Sun.

18th & Vine Jazz Festival (Educational; Annual / April)

Made in partnership with the local college Penn Valley Community College. Educates high school students, high schools and colleges, who will personally interact and play with / for the well-known jazz musicians with feedback. Open to students, teachers and music lovers of all ages. Some tools are provided. You must register in advance.

Jazz and blues festival Rhythm & Ribs (Annually / October)

It offers a variety of jazz entertainment, movies, food and family fun. Many famous zabavlyalniki. Cover.

Conclusion. Since this area has developed from its own original roots, he is not out & # 39 is a tourist, as sometimes can be expected. It’s like the real thing. For more information about this and other American jazz cities can be found on this website.


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