A Brief History of the Kansas City, Missouri


Kansas City, Missouri, his initials are often referred to as “KC”, with the & # 39 is the largest city in his home state. Located at 316 square miles, it is located in Jackson’s areas of Kos, Platte and Clay. Home to the memorial of “Freedom”, the Museum of Art, and Nelson-Atkins and Arrowhead stadium (home of the Criminal Code of the leaders), it boasts a current population of more than 450 000 inhabitants.
Foundation of Kansas

Formation of modern Kansas City began after the Louisiana Purchase in 1804. Researchers Lewis and Clark visited the area close to the Kansas and Missouri rivers, and noted that the space will make an appropriate site for the construction of the fortress. Despite this initial study, the area remained largely empty for nearly 30 years.
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In 1833, a Baptist missionary and businessman named John McCoy and his family & # 39; I founded the Western Port neighborhood of Santa Fe Trail, which is located three miles from the Missouri River. A year later, a group of investors, known as the “Town of Kansas Tower”, began to settle the area. Kansas City was officially incorporated in 1850.
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Kansas City and the Civil War

By the Civil War, the city was located in Kansas, bitterly divided on slavery. With the widespread hostility in the region attempt to enter into the Union under the sovereignty of the people has been eliminated. That’s when Kansas City became the center of intense military activity. Despite winning the Confederation of the First Battle of Independence in 1862, the area in the first place was occupied by soldiers soldiers throughout the Civil War.
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With the completion of the war in 1865, town residents increased rapidly, and the opening of the Hannibal Bridge in 1869 caused a population explosion. Twenty years later in 1889 the name of the district was officially changed to Kansas City, and its boundaries were expanded to the south and east. By 1900, the population grew to 163 000 people, which was the 22 th largest city in the country.
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Kansas City today

Today, Kansas City is known for its rich culture in art, numerous sculptural fountains, elegant shops and a variety of local food establishments. Contribution to many styles of music, such as jazz and blues, as well as an introduction to the culinary world of barbecue in the style of Kansas City, has appointed its neighborhood in the center of one of the best in the country.
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18th and Vine – Kansas City jazz, baseball blacks, black archive, theater and soul


This hot spot is often called Jazz District KC, it extends from the 1920’s prosperity. Its attractions are listed below.
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American Jazz Museum (1616 E 18th item attached thereto K .; baseball museum below)

Variety of jazz music are displayed in an interactive mode through the headphones and the media. The history of jazz instruments and visiting large, for example, Count Basi, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Yardberd Parker and many others. 9.00-6.00 W-Sa; noon-18.00. Tickets are $ 10 for adults, $ 9 for seniors, $ 6 for children 5-12 years old. Tickets for the combo to both the museum for adults $ 15, seniors $ 13, children $ 8; Group also rates available.
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blue room (Part of the jazz museum above)

Legendary jazz club. Traditional jazz Wednesday with jams and visiting artists, both local and out of town. Soft drinks well. Opened in 17-11, on Monday, Thu, Fri, Sat Bookmark weekend. Poster has a schedule of entertainment.
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Negro Baseball Museum (1616, 18).

The history of popular Negro leagues of previous years. B & W films of outstanding players such as Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and Buck O & # 39; Neill. Moreover, Goose Tatum plays baseball before becoming Harlem globetrotter; he’s funny. The museum also has miniature golf with the status of real players. See information on hours and tickets for the jazz museum above.
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Theater gems (1615, 18).

Old theater of silent cinema transformed into a modern theater stage art with 500 seats with a stage. He holds concerts (eg, Jammin & # 39; in the Gem Series), public programs, educational festivals and theater / dance performances. It can also be reserved for private events.
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Black Archives of Central America (1722 E 17th St; a fairly new place)

Collects, preserves and makes available to the public materials that document the social, economic, political and cultural history of people of African descent in the United States and Kansas areas. It includes numerous collections, articles, newspapers and photos. 10.00-4.00 Th-W; or by a preliminary meeting on p. Studies are available in advance of the meeting.
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notable restaurants

Dani Big Easy (1601 18th st.). Serves kreale / Cajun / Louisiana Soul / food with jazz and blues on the weekend.

Barbecue Arthur Bryant (Brooklyn Ave. 1727). Sandwiches, plates, sides and sauces. 10 AM-9: 30 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 10 pm Wed-Fri, 11 o’clock to 20 o’clock.

Gates and Sons BBQ (1221 Brooklyn Avenue). Sandwiches, plates, sides and sauces. 10:00 the night every day until 1 am Fri-Sat

The soul of a delicious meal Papa Lew & # 39; s Soulious (2128 E 12th) Delicious home / southern breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffet style. 8 am to 7 pm Tue-Sun.

18th & Vine Jazz Festival (Educational; Annual / April)

Made in partnership with the local college Penn Valley Community College. Educates high school students, high schools and colleges, who will personally interact and play with / for the well-known jazz musicians with feedback. Open to students, teachers and music lovers of all ages. Some tools are provided. You must register in advance.

Jazz and blues festival Rhythm & Ribs (Annually / October)

It offers a variety of jazz entertainment, movies, food and family fun. Many famous zabavlyalniki. Cover.

Conclusion. Since this area has developed from its own original roots, he is not out & # 39 is a tourist, as sometimes can be expected. It’s like the real thing. For more information about this and other American jazz cities can be found on this website.



Explore the Old West Colorado


Prior to the explosion of the volcano, which formed the famous mountain, the area was tropical. Dinosaurs roamed the area. Palm and fern flora were at that time.
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Early cavemen left in the United States of a land bridge across the Bering Strait, connecting the modern Russia with Alaska. These people settled in the western region of the United States and became the founders of our Indians.

Fast forward thousands of years. Spanish explorers visited the area in search of gold and other riches.

Next came the French. They expanded their possessions in nevykrytym the United States west of the Mississippi. Then, US researchers traveled to the west, to reflect its new acquisition of the French Louisiana Purchase.

Other Americans moved westward from the colonial United States to find their own adventure. Mountain people reshivshiesya the territory of Colorado, have decided to live in this safe ground. French fur Stalker went into the territory of beaver pelts, which are so demanding hats, coats and fur coats for rich people.

A man named Zebulon Pike explored the central Colorado and found the famous mountain that bears his name. Mr. Pike opened the Colorado area for further study. Many were looking for wealth, the Spaniards a few hundred years ago.

And they found it. Gold gap was in Colorado. Thousands rushed to the east, to gain happiness with the slogan “Pike Peak or Bust” painted on the lips or on their cars. Cities that you know today, such as Denver, Aspen, Livilliers, were once tent city established around the gold bumps.

With the established young towns in the gold scene zavihav burst of lawlessness, gambling, houses of ill repute and debauchery. Many of the old legends of the west made the Colorado stopping points for travel to other parts of the western West.

When at last extraction of gold mined, miners or left the territory to head to the east, or left on the plains of Colorado, to work the land. Several cardiac souls joined the wagon train, which moved to the west, because our new country suddenly became more and its territory has expanded more and more people.

With the influx of new residents pristine land owners, the Indians were forced off their property.

The Indians avenged the assassination and there were bloody clashes between them and the US Government.

By the turn of the century in 1899 Colorado was quite well arranged and was established as a state. Thus, you see that in such a short period of time Colorado was a very big part of the legend of the Wild West.

If you come to visit, think about where you are going, or the mountains, that you are photographing.

Hundreds of years ago, the first researchers looked at the same as walking on the same area. Definitely it gives you a sense of perspective.



Cheap cruises to New Orleans – saving tips and study of the Mississippi River, and more


If you want to go on a cruise in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, why not make the “Big Easy” from your & # 39 entrance city? Several cruise lines offer cheap cruises to New Orleans. If you are not a resident of the city, you can extend your vacation stay a couple of days before and / or after; simply transform your trip into two vacations in one.
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Cruises on the Mississippi

Since this is Louisiana, not all cruises have to be in the Caribbean. There are also river cruises on the Mississippi steamboats, which offers an American company Queen Steamboat Company. New Orleans – the port of departure for the adventure on the river Lower Mississippi.
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America cruise lines also offer cruises on the Mississippi River, which Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from eight to fifteen days. Some of them wander, and some end up in cities such as St. Paul, MN State. This is a great opportunity for lovers of history, who is interested in studying the history of Cajun and civil war. Along the river you can see a lot of wonderful places that have a stop in Davenport, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, Memphis, etc.
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Unfortunately, the Mississippi River cruises tend to be more expensive than Caribbean cruises. Part of this reason is because they tend to last longer. But still worth a go if you can find a good deal. Take your time and compare prices. This type of cruise should continue, if you want to experience the big cities and small American cities.
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Cruises on the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico

Cheap cruises from New Orleans found a carnival and Norwegian cruise lines, both of which offer routes are filled with warm, exotic places such as Cozumel, Mexico, Gulf of Montague, Grand Cayman, George Town, Ochos Rios, Costa Maya, Roatan , Belize city, and more. Some cruise routes directed to Western Caribbean, some – in the Eastern Caribbean, and some around Mexico.
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Obviously, the “off-season” for cruises in Mexico and the Atlantic bays occurs during the hurricane season in the fall. If you are again daring and adventurous, you often find very cheap deals for September – November.

more tips

One way to save money, especially if a lot of cities in your itinerary – it’s not participate in all the excursions the cruise line. You can just live on the beach or in a restaurant accessible from the coast of each call the port, or to organize their own trips with a third party.

Watch out for special offers on discount travel sites online that include benefits such as onboard credit and a free cabin upgrade. If you are going to fly to New Orleans, see if you can get a discount by booking both airfare and cruise. If you go there or live there, are looking for cheap or free parking options near the port. Some hotels near the port even offer inexpensive or free parking if you stay at least one night.

If you want to go for a short, two-, three-day or 21-day cruise, just use price comparisons of online tools that can help you find cheap cruises to New Orleans.

The best instruments for the purchase and price comparisons can be found online. Discounts of various kinds can be found, no matter what you plan to travel. Compare cheap cruises to New Orleans, you can easily use various routes.


Best Cities in the US


If you are looking for a job in the United States, it is important to first study the market. It is essential that you choose not only the right field for work, but also the right place and the city. Below is a list of the best cities in the US, who will work in the next few years. These cities offer higher employment opportunities waiting for achieving high economic growth.

Logan, Utah
The geographical location of Utah, connecting it with the major metropolitan networks, create more opportunities for employment in the public administration, business partnerships, and educational fields. Utah also shows the enormous new opportunities for business and work, thus creating a new category of jobs.

Casper, Wyoming
If you are in the field of nursing, Casper – the best city for you. Rated as one of the best cities, working in the US for the last 8 years, it provides excellent opportunities for professional, licensed and registered nurses. Travel nursing – one of the best ways to start a car & # 39; a career in Casper.

Bismarck, North Dakota
Western North Dakota offers a lucrative job in the oil industry. Bismarck, who is considered one of the best cities for people search, records one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the US

Fargo, North Dakota
Fargo-Moorhead metro is profitable car & # 39; ernyya forecasts at least until 2016. Providing tremendous growth in the specialized fields of life sciences, information technology, engineering, and physical sciences, Fargo – this is the best city that pays for professionals.

Iowa City, Iowa
The birthplace of various medical and educational institutions such as the Medical Center of the US veterans, Pearson Education, hospitals and clinics of Iowa, University of Iowa, American Test College and others, Iowa offers opportunities for car & # 39; ernaga growth and the growth of people in the medical field. Iowa's economy, which develops, leading to more new work opportunities and growth prospects.


Running happy generation – lost innocence


Two brothers who were in the same class in Gurgaon, India, shot a classmate with a pistol and left him in a pool of blood. Another boy from Indore, Madhya & # 39; I Pradesh, India, gave a similar deadly weapon holiday a drinking blood when shot his colleague in the school campus. In those fatal moments of panic led to school; and finally it was over. Valuable life lost as a result of the shooting, which was not to strengthen the cases, and for vendetta. Innocent mind turned to arms to settle points on spurious reasons as small argument and clashes that normally occur between pupils.

In both cases, the poor victims were dead and gone with all your wishes and dreams left to fend for themselves. Or we call a murderer or murder of children neglected by parents, leading them to the path of terrible murders? Take the example of the execution of two Indian students at the University of Louisiana unknown. Students were married and lived happily with his seven & # 39; families in the university district, and they suffered a sharp death at a distance of several thousand miles from his hometown. They knew little of value that the attackers will bathe them in blood, and the reason is not yet clear is whether it was a murder for gain or something else.

Korean student who went to the shooting at the University of Virginia, was a classic example of a psychopath. He had the tenacity to talk on video about their plans to kill a lot of students and succeeded in articulating their death; and he eventually killed himself, to join the list of deaths, however generous, to add one more to the statistics of the dead. This thirst for human blood jolted all of humanity during the incident, and all interested in where we were going. Many of these massacres coming to light that offers readers worldwide terrible reading.


Only psychiatrists and sociologists can answer the question why the choicest few indulge in such horrific acts and justify the killings. They may be guilty of any unpleasant psychological reasons that go back to their early life. Whatever the reason, the key role of parents in providing the proper care and affection can be one of them, that could prevent such people from becoming disastrous, that prey on innocent life.

Parents should monitor children's behavior of their behavior, and when they observe any anomalies, children can be arranged for appropriate consultation, to guide and encourage them in the way of the world and mankind. Education of moral and spiritual values, together with the motivation to achieve tangible achievements – the key to successful parenting.

Big Kapilacharyya writer who advocated the philosophy of Sankhya & # 39; I spoke of the desire that people have to perform in order to have a balanced life. However, parents should focus on the proper ethics of life of their children. One of the steps that should make parents and guardians – is to avoid children from watching violent movies that show retaliation and blood as the theme.

Brazil's government has banned the popular video game, which incite violence among players. It is no secret that most of the players – it is young children who spend hours glued to video games, forgetting about other physical sports that improve the health and speed of their metabolism. This is a double tyranny when one side loses precious health, and on the other hand, in the minds of children having disorders of the mind level. The Brazilian Government has made the right move in the right direction, given the well-being of its young generation.

gun culture among children has extended the tentacles of the nations as far as India. Threatening students at the gates of schools and colleges for having a weapon at them things, it can reduce the number of murders. It may seem bizarre proposal, but it is a bitter fact to be faced, going from anger in young children.

Common efforts of governments, parents and society at large could help children to grow in the right conditions. Other countries can learn from Brazil to ban violent video games. Ban feature films, reflecting the blood and the mountain lead to the destruction of the threat of minors. Censorship of films should be not only on paper but also in action, to see healthy young generation, who will manage our planet in the future.


The cross on the ferry


Gray and vuglovyya layers, covering the morning sky and the thick, dark green conifers cover southeastern Connecticut, released rain showers and thunderstorms. Spots submerged condensate antennae such smoke created by the multiple fires, Viola up.

New London, located on the River Thames and proudly displays its heritage with several preserved historical buildings, was founded in 1646 by John Winthrop, Jr., became an important harbor. By 1834 a fleet of 30 ships and about 900 employees became the third largest whaling port after New Bedford and Nantucket, and today it is a small transportation hub: passenger buses put in front of the railway station. Road parallel to the river to hold the train as the Amtrak then, and North North Metro, while the harbor is the water gateway of Cross Sound Ferry Company at the Black Island and Long Island, the huge steel ramps boats that produce dozens of cars and trucks each hour . Although until 02:00 pm. On this overcast August day car run to Orient Point, just walked away from the pier, vehicles registered to leave at 3 o'clock, already positioned on many runways.

Company Cross and Ferry, which is privately owned and operated by brother and sister team, headquartered in New London, was created to circumvent geographical problems that are put in front of Long Island and Connecticut. Separated by the East River and Long Island Sound, Long Island stretches over 110 miles from New York City, its northern coast roughly parallel to the southern shore of Connecticut, but the two land masses connected only by bridges Whitestone and neck. Depending on the proximity of a person, in theory he would have to travel between 100 and 200 miles in two east-west arteries – Speedway Long Island and Interstate 95 – to reach the destination.

Correcting these deficiencies, the company "Cross Sound Ferry Company" opened regular service of passengers and vehicles between the East End of Long Island in Orient Point and New London, Connecticut, in 1975, for the first time creating a vital link.

Many factors, including the surge in the population of Long Island, the increase in the East End of the vine tourism, creating complexes casinos Foxwoods Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and often suppressed road traffic, have led to a sharp increase: up to 23 daily departures in each direction in the peak season and carry over one million passengers annually.

It works colorful, eight-fleet.

Caribbean, with 128-foot overall length and operate engine with 1440 horsepower, were built in 1972 by Marine Blount Marine in Warren, Rhode Island, in the Caribbean archipelago and West Indian service, but five years later It was acquired by Cross Sound. In 1995, he placed the 130 passengers and 22 vehicles, which was completed a new pilot house and loading ramp.

"North Star", built in 1968 in Morgan City, Louisiana to serve seagoing vessel, was purchased in 1984 and converted to the current use of the Eastern Marine shipyard in Panama City, Fla. Powered by the engine 1800 hp Boat length 168 feet contains 300 passengers and 35 vehicles.

260-foot New London, which resembles the North Star with a stern, elongated, open deck car was built in 1979 in the Thames the shipyard in New London, but has been updated upper cabin in 1992 and two years later the diesel engine Cummins KTA38-M2 power 2400 hp It provides up to 15 knots. It is one of only three Navy ships that are doing it. Which could hold the same number of passengers as the North Star, it offers ample deck space for almost twice as many as 60.

840 passenger, 80 transport, 250 futnaya Susan Anne, built in 1964, began its life as a prince Nova, which provides shuttle service between Caribou, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Widely modified by "repair company" Thames "post-acquisition" Cross Sound "in 1998, she received a new passenger cabin, a seat in the style of the airline and the cabin, hydraulic deck under the & # 39; tow, the updated system of the engine room, new electrical and improved motor system .. Now he is working on a diesel engine with a diesel engine turbonagruzhanym 4600 hp, as well as the cruise ferry also provides a speed of 15 knots.

Mary Ellen, was built in 1983 and acquired in 20 years, it is 260 feet, and moves the 800 passengers and 85 vehicles. Driven by the motor 3100 HP, the third achieve cruise speeds of 15 knots.

Henlopen Cape was built in 1941 as the largest, at 327 feet, and the most historic ship, which was built in 1941 as a ship of World War II in Zhefersanvile, Indiana, and is designed USS LST 510, and participated in the D-Day invasion who landed on Omaha beach in Normandy, for which he won a battle star. Redesigned for civilian use on the ferry passenger transport in 1966, he served as the route of Lewis, Delaware for the route Cape May, New Jersey, before purchasing Cross Sound 17 years. Updated diesel engine EMD 12-645 capacity of 3000 hp In 1995, the boat was carrying 900 passengers and 90 cars within 55 futnaga beam, providing a speed of 12.5 knots.

Sea Jet I, developed InCat of Australia and built by Nichols Brothers shipyard in Seattle, Washington, in 1989, with the & # 39 is the fastest and the only ship in the fleet of pure passenger. 122-foot katahiran which breaks wave, with the engine 5000 hp and ride control system Maritime Dynamics, served three routes before you buy in 1995: Boston Nantucket mizhgavayski Airport intercity and San Dyega- Catalina Island. His 400 passengers, the airline arranged on two decks, cross sound for 40 minutes at a speed of 30 knots.

Ferry very special design for the system Cross Sound – m / n John H, which was to work at 3:00 prior to administration in Orient Point. Built in 1989, East sea shipping company in Panama City, boat, length of 240 feet, 60-foot beam and desyatsifutovaya attraction – the largest, which is classified in accordance with the rules of subsection T of the US Coast Guard. to operate on the lakes, in bays and sounds.

Taken June 22, 1989 on the 98-ton ferry paromtsy made of steel, is set to double avtapaluba 120 levels; front bar and lounge; Average cabin with space Cross Sound Deli; aft cabin and a games arcade; and upper deck with a seat in the street for all 1,000 passengers. Flat-screen TVs located throughout.

Recently upgraded with more pure spalvayuchym nitric oxide, a diesel engine of 3000 hp, it provides a cruise speed of 13 knots. His call sign – WAC 6768.

Swallowing a lot of cars and trucks with flat beds, which are paving the transverse bands across the aft and swallowing them in the cavernous, main deck, m / n John H distracted ramp with hydraulic drive and disappeared from the soil of Connecticut, almost imperceptibly. torn from the pier low vibrating roar of the engine.

Sliding on a dark blue surface of the River Thames, he went to New London harbor, the most accessible east coast, with the deepwater port because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and was Division General Dynamics helicopter ship, located on the east side, in Groton. This is one of two American & # 39 objects where build and maintain nuclear submarines.

Swim two miles, the boat took on a rocky point on the west side of the River Thames, which celebrated its entrance and guarded by the light of New London Harbor. As a result of the increase of maritime traffic, the lighthouse in its original form was built in 1761 on a 64-futnay stone tower, topped with a wooden lantern, which replaced the temporary beacon of the mid-1700s.

The second change in 1801 a stone tower at 89 feet and cast iron lantern after a large crack in the weakened structure of two years earlier, octagonal lighthouse with brown stone, the fourth in North America and the first on Long Island Sound, it belongs to the oldest and Connecticut. One of the first who showed flashing light. Caretaker's house, added in 1863, has been expanded at the turn of the century.

Sports of the white and red sectors traffic today in London gavannym light remains active navigation tool, warning ships about dangerous Sarah Ledge.

As if served GPS routing point of the first generation, the lighthouse was the first of many, who held talks in the course of the ferry in the south-west across the Long Island Sound, in which he entered. Huge green red brick New London Ledge Light, which shows a mansard roof and granite details, slowly moving out wide port, indicating the entrance to the harbor.

Iskryty movement created by the industrial revolution, for which light the harbor of New London was found to be insufficient because of the prevalence of hidden, remote presentations and tablecloths, and is dictated by the owners of coastal homes Connecticut, who wished to preserve the homogeneity of the elegant district with the French Second Empire style, it was built in 1901 by Hamilton R. Douglas of New London. It was one of the last built lighthouses of New England.

Her bed was towed to the site and filled with concrete and tear before it sank 28 feet of water, while its concrete pier 50 square feet, which stood 18 feet above the tide, was erected over him. Three windows were level equal to the number of floors. Cast iron lantern, originally of sports & # 39; Fresnel objects in the four tips and an incandescent lamp oil, rose with a mansard roof. fog signal was added in 1911, it was the light of the 30-second single red and white triple flashes. In 1987, he became the last lighthouse on Long Island, which has become automated.

Supporting units 13, m / n John H advanced by Fishers island.

Lighthouse gonavaga Revival Race Rock Lighthouse, which was sitting on the circular base, soon moved to the left side. Mini Castle, located in the western part of the island, noted particularly dangerous area, small stone spurs, penetrating 70 feet of water, were the cause of many ship wrecks and collisions. It was first lit by January 1, 1879.

Swallowed almost featureless void created off-white mist at the top and surreal gloss mirror Long Island Sound below somewhere between New London and East Point, m / n John H supports almost 13 knots, the movement is only proven by sparkling awakening he delayed. But a thin pencil line indicated its origin and purpose, it would seem, still lagged between karma and onions. Strong wind, trying to counteract the humidity and sulfuric soup heat, only wins. Sam Long Island Sound, which is limited Vestchesterskim District, New York City, and the Bronx in the west and the Eastern Point and Plum islands, seagulls and fishermen in the east, the length of 90 miles in width three to 20 miles, resulting in a 1180- napavagarozhanaya area pavmilyah between the East River and Block Island Sound. He became a member of the Atlantic international waterway.

Its pool formed by the flow stream before the ice is lowered as a result of two glacial promotion by increasing its water depth of more than 100 feet, and turning it from a fresh water lake neprylivnay salt, ocean tidal zone.

The mouth of the Connecticut River, located in the Old Saybruku, descends into the sound, while most of its drainage, together with the rivers Thames and Gusatoniya quickly follows at its open end through the eastern drainage basin, which is almost 13 times its area.

Its water rich in blue fish, lobsters, crabs, clams and oysters, and its watershed supports about eight million people.

In the hallway on the m / n John H, passengers sipping alcoholic beverages and others purchased a snack or a late lunch with Cross Sound Deli in the middle of the cabin. Watching TV and reading were common in the aft and on the open deck above prygorshchy transferred rays and wind.

Seagull island located seven miles north-east of East Point and Plum halfway between the islands and fishermen, has been steadily moving away from the port side.

Once at the site of the military fort was posted Large gull, after the American Museum of Natural History created it in 1948 for the study of migratory Krachai.

Samuel Willis acquired in 1659, Little Gull, making his way through several owners, eventually fell into the hands of the government to its acquisition in 1803, $ 800 to build a lighthouse on the optimal location in one acre and flow. In addition to some of the existing, which contribute to the foundation rock, all other necessary construction materials were transported to the island by sea.

59-foot tower that consists of smooth stone free assassinated, pledged courses and internal way of wooden, spiral staircase, which ends with a lantern, was launched in 1805 and a separate, one and a half floor, wooden goalkeeper apartment on the main level and two bedrooms one on the top. The round stone wall diameter of 100 feet, 11 feet thick, intended for protection against storms, was added in summer 1817 year.

A large, 81-foot high lighthouse built in 1867 on a brick wall five feet thick, has replaced the old structure, and three years later was attached to the house keeper of wood and granite. On the & # 39; objects Fesnelya second order was first used in December 1869.

Ending the 177 years of attendance, the station can be automated in 1978.

Going on left turn now deep blue water reflecting blue sky-bluish, m / n John H entered in the "race" designed so because often superior pyatsivuzlovyh tidal water flow, which combined with strong winds and heavy seashores to create dangerous tides. Cracked onion white hats, he cut through its longitudinal axis.

Plum Island, the largest of three atolls, which extend to the north-east to the sound from Long Island, was as Little Gull acquired Samuel curled in 1659 with Viyandana Santa Mantauka. In 1775 amphibious landing continental army was under the command of General David Wooster so that they can thwart potential attacks of British English, while more than a century was built coastal artillery base later, in 1899, during the Spanish-American War. Always fulfilling a protective role during the two world wars, he guarded Long Island Sound and New York Harbor, during which was occupied by about 1,000 soldiers, the remains of which – a smaller battery and brick premises in which they are located. Taking advantage of some of the ancient officer and animal premises until 1984, the US Department of Agriculture has established a laboratory there.

The first lighthouse on the island in 1827 was the 40-futnaya, rough stone tower, crowned with ten reflector lamp, a year after Richard Jerome sold to the US government three of their 840 hectares. In 1869, he was replaced by 23-foot building with a double floor, granite and almost ecclesiastical structure, which marked traditionally treacherous waters west point.

Releasing a barely audible hum, m / n John H sailed past the mountain Plum Gut, moving across the black-and-white, rock, truck ahead lighthouse Orient Point, located not far from the point, after which it was named, and points to the inevitability of the arrival.

Built between one thousand eight hundred ninety-eight and 1899 years to mark the end of the reef and oysters guide ships through dangerous currents Plyuta Guth, lighthouse consisting of bent, cast iron plates held together to form a truncated cone resting on a circular diameter of 21 feet. caisson filled with concrete and externally covered with brick. He himself used as the basis of the oyster rocky points. 64-foot structure, often referred to as "coffee pot" because of its appearance, listed five degrees to the southeast. He became automated in 1966.

Reducing the speed and the appropriate size turquoise erurbulyatsyi that arises as a result of the punishment, the ferry went to the Long Island Sound, passing through Gardiner's Bay, before you start right, the final approach, turn to the top of the North Villas, starting associated with Connecticut, Mary Ellen, who has two feed gold and black gold stack, bypassing the onion George. H in the left arc when it passes through the beacon Eastern point. Before joining was another beacon "point point», Orient Long Beach Bar Light, which marked the entrance to the harbor Orient.

On adapted screw platform, which itself has penetrated ten feet of sand on the bottom of the bay, 60-foot tall structure was crowned on the & # 39; a fifth-order lens with a fixed red light, while the double floors keepers with the floor "house was covered with a mansard roof.

In the winter time it veratsyanovyya legs often become two feet thick ice. For example, in 1824, he broke off the dock, and in 1881 broke three columns, and almost all of its lift.

Пясок, усё больш аддаляючыся ад маяка, у канчатковым выніку зрабіў яго лішнім, і да 1963 года ён быў цалкам знішчаны падпалам.

Да 1990 года была пабудавана трохсекцыйная копія арыгінала, якая атрымала назву "лямпачка", таму што яна нагадвала памылку, якая ішла па вадзе, і была выбудавана на пляцоўку, дзе была сабрана крана. Праз тры гады падкантрольная берагавой ахове ЗША зноў была прызначана афіцыйным навігацыйным дапаможнікам.

Напружана рухаючыся па гавані, м / п Джон Н спыніў рух, адчыніўшы свой наперад, падобны на рот пандыс-пандус і зноўку прызямліўся, каб прызямліцца пасля праходжання 16,5 мілі Доўгі астраўк Звук пры дапамозе сваіх шматлікіх маякоў і сарваў парад Аўтамабілі з кавернозных дамоў трымаюцца на Orient Point, самы ўсходні хутар у горадзе Саўталд і шлюз да вінаграднікаў, ферм і марской вёскі Грынпорт.


Bed and breakfast with breakfast from the sky


Well, some of you accommodation Bed & Breakfast missed a golden opportunity. I went to the websites of taverns, which were best known for the food, but no meals are not even mentioned. How can it be that awarded restaurant for their breakfast does not describe any breakfast? So I went to the site, who proudly described their dishes. Here are a few of them.

Buttonwood Inn is located in the small town of New Hampshire under the name North Conway, but nothing about their breakfast is not enough. They can start with a pumpkin-nut bread or apricot-orange scones, cinnamon rolls from maple, blueberry coffee cake and nut crumbs or warm fruit chips, granola, fresh fruit followed by a cold with raspberry sauce. This will be enough for me to breakfast, but the chef just warming up. Next is a spicy meal, mushroom-like sausage and cheese Cheddar layers, scrambled with goat cheese and onion Onion and fried potatoes red rosemary. Then comes the sweet dish: baked French toast casserole with Pecan and game-Maine blueberries. Or light Belgian waffles with fresh blueberries. Rejoice, Buttonwood.

Mission Oak Inn Henry, Illinois, offers some great dishes for breakfast, the French banana pancakes and fabulous blueberry pancakes, but it is their dinners brought to me attention. How about pizza with roasted chicken, onion and cheese on top of creamy dreamy sunny tomato sauce? Or tender meat medallions, filed in the cream, brandy, maple and mustard? Or grilled salmon on fresh greens with original sauce and decorated with bacon, green onions, Parmesan cheese and walnuts? Or pork tenderloin marinated in apple cider, grilled, and then lubricated homemade apple / peach chutney?

Then I had to catch Jane of Hawk Valley Retreat on the phone. When I asked about her most popular dishes, her voice was a secret and hot, and she had me with love led the list: German baked apple pancakes, French toast baked peach pancakes with compote of brown sugar / strawberry, green onion and Kish spinach browned and eggs Benedict with its own secret recipe sauce with hollandaise sauce. The names of her students did not bowl me. But, as she described every detail, every ingredient and spices, I know that cooking for her just fun, it's a great adventure. There is a difference. Jane – master simple baking.

Like many of the leading taverns, chef at Inn Bloomsbury use only fresh local farm products. I never expected that the hotel will be South Carolina is full of scientific talent. But they experimented with hundreds of dishes, and creativity of their choosing collects fantasy: hot apple soup, pear jam and baked peaches with roasted peanut rolls, eggs in formation test baked cinnamon and raisin French. croutons, toasted bacon-pekanski bread, homemade cookies with chocolate sauce pepper with praline and its own version of Eggs Benedict: a delicate sauce of black buckthorn, wilted spinach, peppers, ham, avocado and poached egg. Exquisite.

Sue from Harbor Ridge Inn in Oseze already knocked. She wrote to me of his choice, and I appreciated the personal attention. Sue serves as fruit cups in a martini glasses with white chocolate mousse, which she narazhae banana. Then she pours the strawberries soaked Chambord, with a depth of whip cream and mint for garnish. It is better to do Bloomsbury Inn, putting French toast with cinnamon-twist at the top of the whipped cream based quiche, accompanied by bread and sausage tender pears, carrots in red wine and orange juice. Another popular French Toast begins with fresh grilled pineapple slices, rustic ham, sliced ​​cheese. Add the bread from leaven in the dough soaked French toast, grilled and served with jam from strawberries-zhalapena. It also makes an egg casserole with a choice of fresh things, such as roasted red peppers, leeks, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, spinach, cubes, cheese and fresh basil and dill. I was amazed. Nice email.

Judge Porter House in Natchytohe (where?), Louisiana, not to be missed. First course judges may become dumplings peach or apple, bread pudding with warm maple sauce, seasoned peach crunch with coconut with pecan, apple brown Betty with vanilla yogurt, pecans and cinnamon or berries berry Pastry stuffed with fresh berries, replete with raspberry sauce, and top with whipped cream. The second course may include the delicious pancakes, waffles or French toast, but I showed these things in other reviews, so let me emphasize the egg dishes. In one dish with baked egg eggs presented with juicy mushrooms and cheese Francois dressed in chips from the Black Forest ham. Another favorite – this southwestern egg mixture baked in individual ramekinah and strewn with hearty salsa. Then there was the Queen Anne Kiche, but the chef is very much about this. Guess you'll have to visit the judge to check it out.

Two of the most attractive things that offer bed and breakfast – it's comfort, stay at a high price and great breakfasts. Look at these wonderful tavernas on the best breakfast ever.


Abigail & # 39; s: There are no ghosts!


Many old restaurants and residential buildings in Victoria, and even the Royal Victoria golf courses, they are joined by stories of ghosts. Guests Abigail Hotel often ask for ghost stories, and incredibly suited staff would like to tell them one. Unfortunately, the ghosts did not exist.

Abigail Hotel is located on the outskirts of the city of Victoria, just minutes from the Inner Harbor, and is truly one of the best preserved Victorian secrets. Well no more! I release the cat out of the bag! I have lived here for over 20 years and managed countless times, each time wondering what it is. I have been to a number of old old hotel, and all of them were pleasant, but often disappointing. Not so with Abigail & # 39; s.

If you pass by the entrance to the hotel, we immediately notice the manicured English gardens. Passing between the bus home and hotel, both buildings look very similar. At first glance, we could not say that they were built 50 years apart. We parked and then meet with Thomas, super friendly front desk attendant. He directs us to our room and fully informs us about the hotel and services. Breakfast in bed sounds appealing, but we choose breakfast with other guests.

Our room is spacious and decorated with nearly every accessory that we could wish for. This delicious welcoming cookies, the cozy couch in front of fireplace, four beds with posters or a bathroom in marble with a bath with Jacuzzi and shower with rain head? Our room decorated rich country furnishings gusyachymi comforters and pillows, and bizarre with silk cushions. This luxurious and very comfortable.

Library in the main building – a meeting place and between five and seven hours to prepare snacks, refreshments and free animals. Soon we meet friendly people from Louisiana, Nevada, Ontario and Alberta. Thomas on hand to take good care of us.

For dinner we make a short walk through the city center, no more than 3 or 4 short blocks. We visit the very popular Noodle House to find out what is noise. Well, not what we expected, but a unique experience and very tasty food! I did not expect that I will spoil my wife with chopsticks and a cardboard box, but nothing is too good for my Queen!

In the morning we board the wonderful gourmet breakfast. Large table contains most of the guests. Arriving late, we sit down at a table for four and was soon joined by a young couple from Oregon. Abigail & # 39; It s designed and operated in such a way that people can easily interact with each other, adding the pleasure of visiting. If you go to privacy, spacious rooms can be your private sanctuary, and you can order you breakfast in bed!

After breakfast, Marion Hansen (CEO) leads us to a tour of the hotel. Each room is unique, but all have the same touches that make Abigail unique. The entire staff, from marketing, management, housekeeping and dining room, a friendly and helpful. It is hard to imagine why anyone would stay anywhere else.

You can tell they are worried, especially when Marion tells us how they invite someone from the neighbors for Christmas dinner. owner's philosophy is certainly well entrenched with all staff, and is expressed in the care and attention to detail in the design of the hotel, and in style, as well as services provided to guests.

When we leave, we offer a small gift bag containing two bottles of water, refreshments and guide to other "non-elected". Jobs in tourism makes me really appreciate the businesses that take it suras & # 39; ozna. This business has truly earned its "five stars".

So now it's time to play tourist! Our choice today – visit the art gallery of Victoria. The Art Gallery is located just minutes from Abigail's and is located in a historic mansion in the neighborhood Spencer Rockland. We go there, because there is an exhibition of art of Takao Tanabe, an artist born in Seal bay, British Columbia. Artist from & # 39; is the recipient of several major awards and worldwide. His art provides a unique view of the earth, the sea and the sky, which are manifested in its extensive and beautiful landscape paintings. The grand size of his paintings presents a marvelous vision of Canada and particularly the West Coast.

We continue to explore, going to lunch at the Sidney by the Sea. Since we were in most of the local restaurants, we are looking for a new experience. Others mentioned the restaurant "Dakota" in a volatile club "Victoria", so we check it! From our table we see on the runway, so after lunch a variety of planes taxi nearby.
We've heard that breakfast will be awarded, and find that they are all day breakfast is served on weekends. We make our selection and enjoy a very good dinner.

After lunch, we study Sidney and shopping and sightseeing.

On the way home, I reflect on our fabulous stay at Abigail. I am thinking about ghosts, I could compensate to learn. The fact is that they simply do not need a ghost. Abigail sells itself!

Reflections on Abigail: peace, quiet, comfortable, luxurious but not ostentatious, friendly meeting place, charming, romantic, very special. The best accommodation in Victoria!


The secrets of how the authors can sell books with thousands of organizations for incentive programs


You Assistant authors or the author himself? Or turn you into selling marketing book business organizations? You should.

Once outside the bookstore, you can sell not only one book at a time, but also thousands of books at the same time. You want to take advantage of these powerful strategy if you …

  • Assistant to the authors, regardless of your name: Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant Author, Book coach, shepherd Book, Internet Manager Business, author and assistant
  • Published author who wants to help more people due to higher sales of books
  • Published coach, consultant, speaker and coach who wants katapultavats your reputation and open up opportunities to sell other products and services
  • Published author who wants to make sur & # 39; serious money selling the book at the same time thousands
  • Published author with disappointing sales of the book, which wants to recover their investments in your book
  • The author, who goes out alone, who wants to use the best sale for the acquisition of additional sales channels or publishing
  • The author, who is willing to upgrade an existing book, but to sell the remaining inventory of the current version, to help finance the upgrade
  • The author, who tends to seek direction on what the book will be an attractive market
  • The author, who begins to look for, you will be much more successful if you plan in advance how and to whom you sell the book before and during its creation

Why do the authors give up on selling books: Book Trap – Boxes of books where there is no place

If the author like most, the process of writing and publishing a book was a painful experience: no matter whether samavydacha was, the author had the opportunity to give a traditional publisher or publishing house chose to order. It took much longer and harder than ever anticipated.

Further, the author may have experienced a "postpartum blues" separation anxiety that comes when the book finally "put", a vague feeling of emptiness.

Once the author has returned my life to some semblance of normalcy, the day came when they faced the full awareness. Books are not sold in large numbers. The author has boxes of books that sit in the garage or basement, an office, a warehouse somewhere. Of course, some books were sold at events, or a dozen here and there to sign books and such. But at this rate, the author in the field of storage more than in construction practice practice!

The author begins to wonder: "What is the point to create a book to help people and promote yourself, if no one ever sees it What's the point to take away time from my customers or other work to do book signing, only to sell only a dozen or so books for the event? "

Since the books are not going to sell itself, the author may have put some effort to find out what marketing and distribution business are trying to break into the bookstore, only to find it all archaic, complicated and frustrating. Perhaps she even got to the bookstore or two. But the book did not move, as the book there's no telling.

"I do not have time for this!" Perhaps the author said at one point. "This is not how I want to spend my life!"

But in fact, if you sell books, it depends on the author.

Welcome to the bookstore store.

You are not alone. The vast majority of authors publishing a disappointing experience. At the summit, The Book Standard Summit 2005 to Nielsen BookScan reported that 93% of books sold in the retail trade in 2004, sold less than 1000 copies!

And do not let the publishers themselves. In general, the average samavydadenaya book sells about 250 copies! (Of course, it is possible to publish their book when it probably would not have been published otherwise.)

The problem is that most of the authors and independent publishers are guided almost exclusively on attempts to get his books in a bookstore. Even if you will first passes the fee if your marketing efforts will not force people to the bookstore to buy a book in large numbers for the first 30 days, the books will be returned. Bookstores return about 60% of total order books !!!

But there is good news

Here's the fact that I ask you to focus on how to get out of the trap of bookstores selling fewer than 1,000 copies: According to a report in February 2005 by the Association of American Publishers, about $ 23.7 billion books sold in 2004, only 45% were sold through bookstores, the most competitive and difficult to penetrate the channel for selling books. This means that in the non-food stores have to sell more books than in stores !!!

Thus, if you learn how not to be depending on the bookstore sales, again you take advantage of the majority of the book market (55%) !!!

Thus, the answer is?

One of the most powerful strategies to enable the market to non-book bookstore & # 39 is the sale of a large number to be used as incentives to organizations of books, the books of a billion dollars on the business market of gifts and incentives $ 46 billion.

What? stimulate the market lies in the fact that part of the sales neknigarni consists of organizations – corporations, associations, charitable organizations, etc. – who buy books to use as an incentive (gift) to customers and prospects, or as an incentive for employees or channel partners. (Some people use the term "premium" to distinguish the impetus for a product That is, in order to distinguish them from the cash, trips, etc.). If these organizations are buying the book, they bought it in 1000 & # 39; 10 thousand, even 100 thousand.

A study conducted by the Association of Incentive Marketing (IncentiveMarketing.org) among a wide spectrum of companies, showed that 82% of them have used the product or travel as an incentive. More importantly, they reported that 80% of success in achieving their goals.

Your customers & # 39; Book or your book is a candidate for the promotional sale?

If your fantastic book provides qualitative information, if it inspires and entertains, if it is well designed and composed, she will be a candidate. Any corporation, association or other non-profit group, which corresponds to the target audience of your book, and that management believes that your book has a positive impact on the value of its brand, with & # 39 are potential candidates.

How big are these promotional offers?

  • As an incentive to join them condensed book club Reader & Digest issued 750,000 copies of Judith King. The largest leadership gift.
  • Grosseto and Dunlop offered Books Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys how samaadchuvalny (breakeven) stimulus at 20 million boxes of cereal "Post Raisin Bran", which led to the sale of more than a million books!
  • RJ Reynolds has distributed 1.5 million copies The Big Trail Road Atlas as a package (included in the package) promotional offers on Marlbarasa boxes to promote the image of man Marlbara.

Or is such a big deal?

No …

  • USA acquired 2000 copies west Conversation with customers to thank our advertisers Yellow Pages
  • Before the date of the publication of Kenneth Blanchard sent copies Who moved my cheese for corporate executives. Bank of Hawaii purchased 4000, Mercedes Benz 7000 and 27000 South.000 Airlines.
  • Judy Dugan sold 5,000 copies of the book self, Santa Barbara Highlights and history , In Santa Barbara Bank who gave a copy of every customer who has come to a new office

The average size of the proposals

According MotivationShow.com, the majority of sales of books as incentives starting with 5000 the number of books and goes from there. At least 5,000 people have benefited from being able to have the knowledge in hand, and each of them tells about this, maybe even 5 +.

And if you personally have received a net profit – after production and delivery costs, which are covered by the buyer – in the amount of $ 2 per book is $ 10,000

$ 2 per book = 20 000 dollars

$ 4 per book = $ 40,000

What if they wanted 30,000 copies of your books or more? Such transactions take place all year round.

Thus, giving things clients How many organizations use incentives?

There is currently a list of "ways". In a 2003 study at Louisiana State University and business research Glenroy 2000 common random dystryb & # 39; yutarav promotional products posted the use of promotional products in different kinds of programs:

Category of use

  • Business gifts: Gifts to promote goodwill and retain customers
  • Relations with employees and events: Morale and motivation, corporate / supratsovnitskiya activities focus employee organizational commitment / corporate identity, corporate communications, training of employees (excluding security) staff referral programs
  • exhibition: traffic generation
  • Awareness of the brand: Raising awareness of the brand and brand loyalty
  • Awards to employees: Jubilee recognition, job awards, etc.
  • Program dealers / dystryb & # 39; yutarav: Encourage dealers, cooperative programs, branded shops
  • Public Relations: Corporate interaction with the community, fundraising, sponsorship assistance, school programs, media relations, corporate image
  • The new generation of client / account: A new client or a new generation of bills
  • Domestic stocks: Encouraging sales, TQM / quality programs, productivity, reduced inventory, reduced errors, increased attendance
  • New Product / Service Introduction: Introduction of a new product or service
  • Safety Education / Promotion: Safety and education of employees
  • Non-profit Program: non-commercial use to raise funds, Public information campaigns (health, environment, public safety, etc.)
  • Client Types: Incentive programs for customers directions
  • Market research: Marketing studies, research and programs for participation in the focus groups

Thus, the author how great benefits from the sale of this market?

You be the judge:

  • This is likely to be The best thing that you do to promote your practice and other products and services. Success provides greater exposure, credibility, pride and self-confidence
  • In contrast to the book store channels, you have little or no competition! Since the authors and independent publishers do not understand the market, organizations are very few suggestions, if any. Present yourself professionally and convincingly (with the help of tools that I'll give you), and you have a great chance to get a comment and review
  • Sales on the market there are incentives is fully compatible with any other marketing or distribution program that you do. And it does not matter if you yourself were published, we used the traditional publisher or a POD publisher (more below).
  • You can continue the program Even if your book is not yet published. If in some cases it may even be an advantage
  • Pabuduyuchy of sales of books, you open the door to other opportunities – traditional publishers, literary agents, and other distribution channels, partners, and customers. He only opens other doors for you, and they do not have closing
  • he has high return on invested time (ROTI). For the amount of time that you have invested in, say, the establishment and conduct of the six book signing – where you could sell a maximum of dozens of books – you can create a few opportunities to sell 1,000 books.
  • Unlike books sold bookstores books, which are sold as a stimulus, do not come back. Do not be surprised, as you will come back, especially in damaged condition
  • Sales on the market there are incentives Fast Payment. Although bookstores usually pay 90 days or so, the majority of incentive sales not only requires a deposit of up to 50% – which, incidentally, is to reimburse your costs of printing, so you do not have a pocket printing costs – and the payment of the balance within 30 days from the date of delivery. This not only allows you to recover their investment in the edition of the book, but allows you to invest in all the other things you want to do to create your practice
  • Once you have a contract of sale or a purchase order for mass sale, you can put it on an offset printer get production costs down. If you are self-published, it dramatically increases the profit. If you use a traditional publisher, publishing costs reduces the cost, so it can bring you more money, but it will help to make a deal, as the lower cost of printing allows us to offer the customer a more attractive offer.
  • While offset printer prints books for a buyer, you can get it to print additional copies, which you can use to execute orders from other sources. Significantly lower printing costs you earn more on each book that you sell to other sources

Thus, having a lot of amenities for the authors, and it is such a big market, why the market is not well-known authors and independent publishers?

  • Firstly, this is because formally organized channel for the convergence of buyers and sellers do not. Yes, there are a few stimulating exhibitions where buyers and sellers communicate, but few authors and independent publishers stack time and money to create a stand there.
  • Secondly, it is because Independent publishers – is first and foremost specialists of traditional bookstore. This is what they know. Few people know how to aim correspond to speak the language of marketing managers and human resources, that implement programs to promote organizations
  • Third, although some of the book marketing experts tell in their books, etc. the importance and the benefits of this market to the authors, this is usually a high-level overview, among many other topics, NOT specialized and detailed program

Why organizations like to use books as incentives?

Many good reasons:

  • Books, in general, a lot of a perceived value compared to most products with the inscription on the logo – things like notepads, paper weights, mouse pads for, etc.
  • Books are not released. They have a strong presence And, therefore, they provide an organization that uses their visibility within a certain period of time – and they love it!
  • The book is especially popular science book, allows an organization to be willing to help the recipient, since it provides useful information. it positive impact on the organization in a world where people have become quite cynical about the company's profitability
  • Each book is unique. Organizations like these things to distinguish them from the competition, that link to your brand personality and values ​​that they want to transfer
  • book has relatively easy and cheap to deliver because they are small and light. This saves money on the organization of a variety of other options
  • And last but not least, it is a book customizable. Organizations considering not only the book in its present form, but also how it can be customized to achieve their goals. This may be a sticker on the cover of a special offer that is loose, or paper band around the book with a special message. But in order to make to order 1000 books, it is definitely worth to a publisher or publisher to customize it to fit your needs. Especially if the client pays the tune!

Is useful to stimulate sales, regardless of the manner in which you have published?

So, with the qualification:

  • If you are self-published (it means that your number under the ISBN), you will be in a better position since you will earn more money and will have maximum flexibility. You can enter into any transaction that you decide to sign. And the difference between the selling price and the price for the publication of the book – all for you. This includes the use of a lightning source, the leading digital printer on demand
  • If you sell 5,000 books at a discount, the mass value of 7 dollars for each and it costs you $ 3 each, to make the amount of offset book printing (which is even Lightning Source is the broker for you), you earn $ 4 on each book. That's $ 20,000
  • In addition, you have 5000 books that create your reputation and attract clients to your practice in relation to your other products and services
  • If you use a traditional publisher, you will earn less money than samavydavets because you are again locked to the structure of royalties, which is in your publishing agreement.

At the same time the highest price – $ 7, you add an average of 10% from the $ 7.00 or $ .70 per book. You will earn $ 3500 per sale 5000 books. The publisher would retain the bulk of the profits.

However, the $ 3,500 from this one deal – it is much more than the average author receives from all book sales. Plus you get the exposure.

If you use a digital publisher that requires printing (label it under number ISBN), all depends on the agreement with discounts and royalties, which in your publishing agreement. Вы знаходзіцеся ў істотным мінусе, бо вы зачыненыя ў выдавецтве адносна высокай, аднаразовай лічбавай друкаванай структурай і адносна невялікай роялці ці камісіяй.

Звычайна вы не можаце прапанаваць пакупніку максімальную цану зніжак, паколькі большасць дагавораў на выданне POD не прадугледжвае масавых продажаў і не прапануе вялікія зніжкі на друк з вялікай колькасцю. Але зноў жа, вы зарабляеце больш грошай, чым вы, і вы зноў атрымліваеце экспазіцыю.

Заўвага: звярніцеся да выдаўца POD. Некаторыя з іх будуць друкаваць колькасць друку на афсетным прынтары. Але даведайцеся, за што яны бяруць плату, і калі яны зробяць выключэнне з пагаднення аб роялці.

Калі вы працуеце са староннім выдавецтвам, ці пойдзе ён разам з гэтай праграмай?

Большасць выдаўцоў абсалютна круцяцца ад навін пра вялікую продаж кніг. На самай справе, хочаце даведацца сакрэт? Незалежныя выдаўцы навукова-папулярных кніг часта цікавяцца нашай праграмай продажу кніг для сябе! (Можна нават пасадзіць насеньне.)

У рэшце рэшт, хто ведае лепш, чым яны, што ў сярэднім кніга прадаецца толькі 200 – 300 асобнікаў. Яны хочуць вярнуць свае інвестыцыі ў вашу кнігу і зарабіць грошы.

Калі вы выдавец балуецеся па гэтай незразумелай прычыне, прапануйце яму прачытаць гэтую старонку ці нашы FAQ. Паглядзіце, што можна дамовіцца. Калі ён / ён па-ранейшаму бальзакуе па нейкай незразумелай прычыне, шукайце новага выдаўца ў наступны раз.

Якія вашы варыянты маркетынгу на рынку кніг як стымулаў?

  • Калі вас апублікаваў буйны выдавец, аддзел "спецыяльных продажаў" можа захапіць яго
  • Вы можаце выставіць стэнд на выставе стымулявання галіны, дзе пакупнікі шукаюць стымулюючыя ідэі. Існуе шоў матывацыі на нацыянальным узроўні і шоў па дзяржаве.
  • Вы можаце рэкламаваць у сродках заахвочвання пакупнікоў
  • The Самым рэалістычным рашэннем для большасці аўтараў з'яўляецца самастойная праграма маркетынгу. Калі вы маеце неабходныя веды і інструменты, гэта патрабуе мінімальных навыкаў і сціплых укладанняў часу

Адно дакладна напэўна. Толькі адна заахвочвальная праграма можа выплаціць аўтару вялікія фінансавыя дывідэнды і катапультаваць яго кар'еру, як і некаторыя іншыя шляхі.


Caribbean cruises: Cruise in paradise


Think of a cruise that tans your body, palms, colors, and the first name that you struck – Cruise the Caribbean Sea. The climate is wonderful, predominantly mild all year round. Yet the main crowd of people going to the islands in the summer. Caribbean has about 50 islands, except for archipelagos. If they will also be included, there are nearly 750 islands.

Cruise itineraries in the Caribbean:

There are four cruise routes used by cruise operators. they are:

o Cruise the Western Caribbean way

o Cruise Eastern Caribbean

o Cruise on the Southern Caribbean

o Duration / Luxury routes

The western route passes ships / liners that are sent from Texas, Louisiana and Florida. The route continues on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the island of Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and may include the coast of Honduras and Belize. On the east from the initial cruise port with a & # 39 is Florida and visiting areas such as Key West, the Bahamas, Turks Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Starting from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the southern route goes along the Lesser Antilles and the Netherlands Antilles, as well as to the west of Aruba.

Duration or luxury cruises are distributed in almost all areas and can start at any point of the world. Because so many directions, choose and write the best directions to any route can be difficult. The choice depends on how much time you have on hand and prices. Usually, when a sail – is that like most, western cruise – this is the best deal. Shopping Best Eastern cruise.

Booking a cruise:

There are many online cruise companies that offer their services. In fact, before making a decision about a company should look for the following:

o Easy to approach – cruise services, which offer convenient search tools and easy booking process.

o Features – Look at the cruise company's website and decide, it offers a wide range of features such as easy access to information about the destination, reservations, etc. Special offers.

o Easy orders – Look for a simple, seamless process. Get all the information about reservations, too.

o Help / Support – Look for live chat, FAQ, fax, e-mail support and phone support around the clock.

Once you know which service is better, call them and get all the details. Then book your journey. Travel agents can book luxury cruises. Luxury cruises offer excellent onboard services such as the classical cabins, decorated in the style and the best in food and wine.

There are many luxury liners that have cruises to the Caribbean, with nearly 5000 people traveling at the same time. They have their own private and resorts, where stop liners, and guests can relax. Cruises – a great option to have fun. Many corporate companies also organize recreation for their employees. If someone has a nice budget, autumn – the best time for a trip on a Caribbean cruise. During this time, rates less than half of what they were in the summer, and the transaction is available not only on the ship, but also in the shops on the islands. Cruises – a great place for rest and recreation, as well as they are very romantic trip for couples and newly married couples.


The truth of the fall overboard cruise ship


As in any big city on a cruise ship at night you can see a few stars. Even if the black waters of the float with the black sky far from humanity, the ships themselves explode so much light pollution that can not see anything other than black. Exactly how and why stars are not visible from the surface of the moon.

I thought about it overnight, while the stern. Feed, port and starboard were black, impenetrable black. I knew beyond a bow orange glow of refineries illuminated points in the swamps of Louisiana. After all, we approached the mouth of the Mississippi River, which was caused by the proximity of navigational beacons of red and green colors that slip on the bumpy surface of the sea.

"What happens if I get over the side?" People asked me before.

It was such a common question, my answer has become a habit. "The ship will stop and the boat will pick you."

That was the truth, even if only half of it. I looked at the ship and watched the storm water. The waves looked very small from the upper deck. If a hundred foot drop has not killed a passenger, he fully disappear in the huge swell. Fortunately, it is unlikely that modern Azipod screws ground it in Kef, because the screw bolts are secure lower body rather than behind it. I almost wonder, or would be better to such a fate. Of course, faster and less frustrating than to be alone in the dark, desperately struggling to stay on top of the soft surface of the skin over the huge, incomprehensible to & # 39 volume unknown to you. Then you Stamitz, sink and become one with him.

Safety training was very clear in the case of a man overboard, first throw a lifeline, and then call the bridge. People believe that a life ring – it's just a flotation device, but it is actually much more. The man's head disappeared from view for a few seconds from the deck of a large ship. After throwing a life ring, we have learned to miss someone, someone to physically send to the swimmer and do not stop until he found, no matter how long it takes. This physical act of pointing to the & # 39 is a priority, because even if he is aware of the swimmer, it will be lost in less than a minute into the sea. But at night? And if no one can see how you fell?


In fact, this cruise who moved overboard. Rumors about how and why the passengers and crew were played. Leading the history of those two newlyweds argued and was a jerk. The crew thought otherwise. Another suicide, most agreed. On cruise aircraft is not uncommon. More than a few people deliberately spend their last penny in the last week and a wild throw, late last night, jumping overboard. What is the best way to make sure that no one will save you? How many people look at 3am in Suta? You can survive such fall, but it is unlikely you will be a fighter.

Although statistically insignificant completely, unexplained deaths occur on ships. Since most common in international waters, the obligation on the behavior and the behavior is obviously less than altruistic. Cruise lines always paint coverage, as people read the headlines, not the article. Let this be a suicide or not enough value for the critics who pounce on any hint of recklessness cruise lines. Even if it was suicide, the testing ground in the authorities can take days, even in the presence of the note. By the time the sensational headlines would have surprised the things out of proportion.

But any premature death – is a tragedy. This much is true. Everything must be investigated, and the ships are not sufficiently transparent. This is also true. But do we need to worry about the death on a ship? Here's what to ask. According to David Peykina with CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), between 2003 and 2012 was 59 killed in the ship & # 39; operations. This is 239 million passengers who sailed, excluding natural causes and without falling overboard.

59 out of 239 million.

Hmm …

In the period from 2003 to 2008, 108 people died from injuries in cattle in the United States, according to CDC (Centers for Control and Prevention). The population in the United States compared with the statistics – 240 million against 300 million, but it's like cows twice as likely to kill you on a cruise ship. In addition, these statistics cow is only five years old and this cruise refers to eight years. Even more surprising is that the random control of the road is not cow from the & # 39 is part of this statistic. Thus, the net nedabrazychlivasts cow Zab & # 39; e you twice as much as on the cruise. Am I frivolous? Of course. But humor – a great way to get rid of fear, especially fear of the irrational.

At the dark swamps of Louisiana cruise for no one knew exactly what had happened, what caused the mysterious death. The investigation in the end, it was decided somewhere in the land, as it always has. The only fact which the crew knew for sure is that the man has never been found, until a few days later he had not bathed in the Gulf Coast.

I focused on a floating piece of the fleet and watched him disappear into the night. I counted the time. Within fifteen seconds, it has lost the darkness.


We must see destinations in the French Quarter of New Orleans


Orleans Ballroom

Built in 1817, it was known theater and French Opera, but early visitors of New Orleans came here to see the magnificent and spectacular square balls.

NEW ORLEANS & # 39; slaveholders laws create a separate social class between whites and slaves that consisted of "free people of color." New Orleans & # 39; Laws slaveholders were based on "Code Noir" or French Black Code and the Spanish laws slaveholders. French law slaves got Sunday as their day of rest. The slave could work on other weekends and earn their own money. With the Spanish laws, he could buy the freedom of his master and become the "free colorful personality." As "free people of color" he could own property, earn money, buy something & # 39; u out of slavery, and even, ironically, buy and keep slaves. The census of 1830 in New Orleans, recorded that a total of 40 000 persons were 16,000 free people of color, and 700 of these slaves.

quadrangles balls were excellent in the evenings, where rich white men could meet lovely, eligible women quadrant, which would agree to be their lovers. The square was a man whose ancestry was 25% African and was forbidden by law to marry a white face. Marriage in the 1700s and 1800s was a very practical agreement based on money and social status rather than love. If the rich man was interested in love, he often sought him out of wedlock. If a rich man and a young lady Quadroon liked each other, the man had to convince shaperona quadrant or mother or other caregiver that he has enough money to keep her in the style of the rest of your life. a formal agreement was signed in which the man agreed to be the mistress of the house quads, buggies, furniture, money and other material things. Their children would have the name and have been educated in the best schools in America and Europe. quadrangles hostess will remain true to the rich man, whom she chose, but he could end the relationship if he wants. Notwithstanding the termination of the relationship, he still has to stick to its part of the contract.

Cathedral gardens

Behind the Cathedral of St. Louis is a lovely garden, which, unfortunately, is usually closed. The Cathedral has a long history of attempts to prevent people in the garden. Previously, it was an empty lot, which was a favorite place for duels for the young, hot gentlemen to address some insult, real or imaginary.

In the courtyard there is a marble obelisk that honors the sacrifice of 30 French soldiers who lost their lives, taking care of patients in New Orleans during the 1853 yellow fever epidemic year. In the early days of New Orleans, anyone with the means to do so have left the city in a hot summer. This is partly due to the climate, and partly – with plagues of yellow fever, which can be distributed without warning or reason. During these years, these plagues kill thousands, and others – no. Doctors do not know what caused yellow fever and how to treat it. Only a person susceptible to yellow fever; all animals feel immune to the disease. With a lack of medical tests, doctors could do little to study this disease. In 1881, a doctor came up with a new theory about the source of the disease, infected mosquitoes. This theory was bravely tested in 1901 by volunteers like John R. Kissinger, a private in the US Army, who allowed himself to become a "guinea pig" in a medical experiment. He allowed the infected mosquitoes to bite him until he is caught. He survived the fever but was limited to 12 wheelchairs. For his bravery and personal sacrifice that saved so many lives, Kissinger and other experimental volunteers received Congressional gold metal and a monthly pension in 1929.

Jackson area

The Spanish staged executions on Jackson Square from the beginning of his reign. After French King Louis XV gave the Louisiana colony to his cousin, the Spanish King Charles III of, French colonists of New Orleans very angry that they were made by Spanish colonists. These ideas were of American revolutionaries in revolt against England, but they were first expressed in North America by French colonists of New Orleans in 1768, 8 years before the American Revolution. The colonists overthrew the Spanish governor in a bloodless rebellion and were considering to create a form of self-government, when the Spanish reinforcements arrived in the person of Don O Reilly and his 2600 soldiers. New Orleans seemed to O & 39; Reilly without resistance. O & 39; Raleigh was sentenced to death by six leaders of the uprising. One of them died in prison. O & # 39; Reilly tried to pardon convicted of one of the rebels because of his youth, but rebel refused the pardon and decided to die with his comrades. These five rebels were killed on Jackson Square October 25, 1769 Spanish firing squad. People of New Orleans remembered these French rebel leaders by naming the street that runs along the river of the French Quarter, "Frenchmen Street" in their honor.

Today, the area – nice and beautiful part of the French Quarter. But during the reign of the French and Spanish area was the site of terrible executions. In 1754 the French soldiers on Ship Island MS under the command of an officer nicknamed Douri, a hard man who sold food and supplies, starving his people and forced them to make coal and lime, which he sold for personal gain. Some of his men fled to New Orleans and reported treatment Kerlereku governor. The governor believed in military discipline at all costs and sided Durie. He returned to the soldiers Duroux torture. A few days later soldiers were revolted and killed Duri. The rebels tried to escape to Georgia but were captured. Three leaders of the rebellion were sentenced to death in Armes.

To learn more, visit Geogad.com


I left my heart in Chattanuze


Having lived there for three short but lovely years, I have learned that Chattanooga, or Chatsi, as I affectionately call it – a fantastic place to live and visit.

Where to start? For lovers of history there are countless attractions in the area dedicated to the events that changed the course of American history: from "Tears of Tears" to the Civil War battles in and around Chattanuze. For seven & # 39; ads with small children, who are in tow, there are exciting Tennessee Aquarium, Museum of creative discovery, Park Coolidge with a beautiful fountain and antique carousel, and Ruby Falls – an underground waterfall, which is achieved by a guided tour through the narrow caves and aisles. For outdoor enthusiasts there is a place, which is often called the "Boulder, Colorado of the East". climbing, fishing on a bicycle, cycling, gliding, hiking, rafting and much more are waiting for the adventure.

I offer here the route for a three-day vacation in Chattanooga. This guide, which has passed the test of many visits to our family & # 39; and and friends, and it includes our favorite places that we try to re-visit during his travels. Three days quickly replenished in Chattanuze, so you should know that for every place that follows, there are at least five other alternative attractions. In addition, this route requires that you woke up in Chattanuze on the first day. I recommend to wake up in the Bluff View Inn, which is popular in the Bluff View Arts District town.

Bluff View Inn is located overlooking the river Tennessee, the current lower through the center of Chattanooga. Within walking distance of the inn (and this is no exaggeration) is an American art Hunter Museum, Museum of Decorative Arts X & # 39; Euston, garden sculptures, ball court, an art gallery, three restaurants, thirteen miles nature trail that follows the river up downstream to the lake and the bridge Chykamauga Orekhov Street, one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world.

Another accommodation option that a & # 39 is relatively new to Chattanooga – a steamer "Delta Queen", who walked away from the life as a floating boutique hotel. Guests of the hotel and visitors can sit on the Queen of Coolidge Park and bask in the brass maritime history of it all.

First day: Signal Hill and North Beach

Rembrandt Cafe in Bluff View Art District with & # 39 is a great base in Chatanuze, so consider this a hot spot for breakfast on his first full day in the beautiful city. Locals love and frequent this place as well as tourists. Shop windows are full of breakfast and dessert pastries, chocolates, pies and pastries, and the menu offers Panin, soups and salads. For breakfast, you can not do better almond croissant. Will make it outside and enjoy their gorgeous patio.

Follow up Mount Signal, a ten minute drive from downtown Chattanooga. Our visitors particularly loved the "W" road that sharply zigvae and pulls the path along the rocky side of the mountain – a vertical road if I've ever been to her. Once you got to the top, consider going north along the Eastern Road took to find beautiful houses on the left and a breathtaking view of the valley below the case. Then turn south on highway 127 and went to the "old toilet" on the part of the signal points. The streets here are sent quaint stone cottages and magnificent estates, and you can still see traces of the tram, which took place in this neighborhood. The area is developed at the turn of the twentieth century as a salvation from diseases, namely cholera and yellow fever, in the valley below.

If you have the car and historic home viewing, stop at Signal Point Park. From here you can take a look at the beautiful and green valley Tennessee River and forget that civilization is nearby. Park "Signboards" explains that the signal point included in the alarm system, which was first used Indian Americans, and then the Allied forces during the Civil War. Depending on your energy level at that point you can start to hike out of the park. Cumberland trails, part of the Great Eastern trail starts from the park, and it's an extraordinary walk through the mountain forest.

There are several dining options at Mount Signal, but I'll come back down the mountain for lunch at the North shore. Two of our favorite places was the river Street Deli for amazing mafletak, Stromboli and Brooklyn accents; Merkantsina or for the atmosphere, which can not be beat. And once you poultice about the action on the North Shore (that would be Frazier Avenue), you can leave the car behind for hours.

After lunch, you get into boutiques, not forgetting to miss Blue Skies, Plum Nelly, and Sophie. It is impossible to enter any one of these three stores and leave empty-handed, so I just give in. Treat yourself or a friend a vintage style, unique home and personal accessories, handmade jewelry, glass and ceramics. These three stores, as well as many other companies Frazier, including local bookstore, an audience outdoors and art galleries – the gifts of heaven.

If you need a break from shopping, pick up a treat from Clumpies Ice Creampies and navigate to Coolidge Park overlooking the river. You'll be surrounded by people of all ages, if they play in the fountain, toss Frisbees and footballs, and relax in a beautiful urban green space. While there, you can see if there is some kind of performances that can be caught during the stay – Chattanooga Theater Center is located right on the edge of the park.

For dinner Rotisserie Bowouse and Raw Bar – a great choice, and it's only a five minute drive from the city center. They provide Louisiana oysters and other great seafood (outstanding tylapiya grilled on wood), and, oddly enough, their Mexican dishes, especially asadyly, as popular. If you have a place for a snack, the Mexican shrimp cocktail is unforgettable. The cottage sits right on the Tennessee River, and they have a lot of places in the open air overlooking the water.

Day Two: Big outdoors

A trip to Chattanooga without some adventures in the fresh air – it's a missed opportunity. It's like to go to New York without seeing the play – you're missing a key element of the local culture. Padapravits hearty breakfast with Greygras Grill on Main Street. This family-run restaurant gathers people from 6:30 am for omelettes and tasty variations hodgepodge. Download carbohydrates; you need them today.

For peace and quiet fishing tour – it's a great tour and a nice and easy float on the river Hiwassee on an inflatable kayak or raft. We also enjoyed a walk along the wide stitches Chykamaugskim battlefield – part of the first national military park in the country. Auto tour of the battlefield in seven miles, but on foot or by bike is the best way to experience the beauty and historical significance of this land. And the terrain is relatively flat, a huge plus for those of us with elevated regions.

For a more adventurous nature there are the aforementioned Cumberland Trail on Mount Signal, or lots of other fun hiking trails on Lookout Mountain. We never got the opportunity to go, but State Park Klendlend Canyon – just over the border in Georgia – to be exciting in a beautiful area, which is called the "land of God." Trails there range from two to almost seven miles, and there's a 600-step staircase for tourists who make the trip to the bottom of the gorge of the park.

Bold outdoor enthusiasts will be glad to know that Chattanooga is considered the regional rock climbing capital, and it attracts mountain bikers from all over. Prentice Cooper State Forest – is one of many options for these two activities. Please, oh, please do not attempt to climb rocks without a guide. Water demand offers Ocoee cancer experience to swim. Yes, I thought I would die on the top Akai. Twice. But it's fun when you're doing this sort of thing (jury is still beyond me). Some of the more pleasant name of class IV Ocoee thresholds + "bloody nose", "Splavilnik diamonds" and "Hell Hole". Finally, those who are not interested in aquatic species of the earth, may try to slide down the hill. I could not bring myself to get involved in a glorified kite, but two members of the French did it, and they said that it tsuet.

After a day out in the fresh air, a shower and a hearty dinner, come to order. Since your body does not want to deviate from the bed in the Bluff View Inn, stroll around the corner to Tony's Italian dinner. Atmosphere that makes you linger long after a meal, especially if you are lucky to kill a table on the terrace of the second floor. Green salad with roasted tomato sauce with tomatoes and all the pasta dishes reliably delicious.

Day Three: Sightseeing Mountain, south-east and the city center

Between the hotel and the mountain is a watchdog hlebapravod Nidlava, which has amazing cinnamon rolls, muffins, biscuits, make up, all in the "Nidlova" good. Owners artisans "love to knead and knead to love," and you can try grilled passion. Try breakfast this morning.

There are several roads that lead you to the top of Mount foreseeable; each of them is colorful, so pick one for the ride up, and the other for the ride down. Once you're there, grab the magnificent views and mansions, especially those that are on the West Road eyebrows. (This study review the mountain First day is similar to the route of Mount Signal, but if the residential area of ​​Mount Signal charming and accessible, review Mountain -. Dream of caviar Each mountain is worth a visit as they offer different clues into Chattanooga culture ..)

Lookout & # 39; s Point Park – do not confuse it with Signal Point Park – with & # 39 is a mandatory part when the easily accessible part of the field of battle field Lookout. A small museum just across the street to explain the sound of the master of the rings "Battle Above the Clouds" that took place on the mountain during the Civil War. Another treasure in the form with Harry & # 39 is the arboretum display of riding and a botanical garden, which offers driving and hiking trails on bukalichnay setting of meadows, wildflowers, forest, ponds and streams.

After a morning at the top of Mount Mojo Buryta – at the foot of Harry's Guard in the beautiful historic district of St. Elmo – returns you to the ground with fritters wrapped around super fresh ingredients. Southern Star is located in the southern district, and stores it in real life with real southern food. Do not skip dessert – banana pudding leaves you without language.

While you are in the neighboring area, there are four shops that are very much worth a visit. Revival is located inside Composition Row, and even though I could not afford much in this store, I had fun, just being in the presence of his greatness. As in any luxury goods store, you can find accessories for the table from Juliska and tin uterus. But the store its own league – it's beautiful selected home furniture from Italian white leather chairs of the 18th century to the contemporary Belgian magazines. You will find home design elements in Revival that never knew what you want. Shadow Box Paperie on Main Street to get you to put pen to paper and renounce all forms of electronic communication. They have other home accessories, too, all beautifully presented. For the suras & # 39; oznyh lovers of antiques Southside Antiques – is the most important luxury corner cabinet, dining tables, antique books and a wardrobe. Finally, Galleries Saudsayd as lobby in Baton Rouge – a collection of vendors under one roof, which sell gifts, accessories, art and antiques at many prices.

Late in the afternoon return to the tavern to park the car and use the odd pedestrian activities in downtown Chattanooga. Visit the sculpture garden and spend time over the river on one of the benches Bridge Walnut Street. The bridge was converted to pedestrian use in 1993, and as well as Pant des Arts in Paris, people can not get enough time to bridge. They are suspended from the Tennessee River, they exercise, create art, gather for the festival, ride a bike, and yes, they are pressed here, as if in Paris.

Leave enough time before sunset to experience the area malls and Ross Position Cherokee Memorial and "Tear" is located near the Tennessee Aquarium. Cherokee inhabited this area that became first touchdown Ross then Chattanooga, until they were forced West on the traces of tears. Thousands died during the horrific journey. In this memorial, you will find interesting quotes Cherokee and American leaders during the removal of the native.

At dinner on the last evening in Chattanuze you can also blow. Restaurant St. John's as flawless a restaurant as I have ever experienced. Chef Daniel Linde was nominated for the James Beard was in the past, and you'll know why after just one meal at St. John's. From his kitchen come the best available ingredients, many of which are organic and local, and the menu changes often to reflect growing season. The current menu includes hand-held products tortselini of quail, Kobe beef steak and the molten chocolate cake. The service is dreamy, the flat iron building – that's the beauty, and everyone leaves happy.

And everyone is happy leaving Chattanooga, even though I, too, pushing, shouting and crying that day, when my husband and I parted with the house on the hill north of Chattanooga home. My husband says I praetsyyuyu, but I swear that even our dog misses Chatanuze. Family and old friends brought us home to Louisiana, and we are certainly glad to be back home among them, but we'll come back to Chattanooga as often as we can, the rest of life. It is such a place.